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Charater & Characteristic | Cheat! by Allan Baillie

Form 2/2016 English Literature

Wei Qing

on 15 May 2016

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Transcript of Charater & Characteristic | Cheat! by Allan Baillie

Charaters & Characteristic Cheat!
by Allan Baillie

Ambitious - Lynne had a big dream to win first place in the short story competition. When the result announced, she felt really disappointed.
Jealous - Lynne was jealous when Geoff won the competition and she discovered that Geoff cheated she wanted to take revenge by reporting to Mr Velos so that she could win back the medal.
Humorous - Geoff jokes with Lynne about how Mr. Velos chose the winner of the short story competition.
Realistic - Geoff wants to be a barrister when he grow up because he says that there's more money in law.
Honest - Geoff confessed to Mr. Velos that he had read a short story by William Bradburie.
Persevering - Lynne spent time to complete her story. Although in the end, she won the second place in the competition, I personally consider that it is a good result from her hard work.
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