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Briya Parhar

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Knights

The Page
The Squire
Armour & Weapons
Sword fighting is always held beneath the jousting ceremony
Knights would fight with wooden or blunted weapons
The tournaments would be fought with either two people or two teams
Knights Templar
At the age of eight, a boy would be sent to a castle for training
He would physically train to become stronger
Train to fight with swords and spears
When a boy turned 15 or 16 he would go through the stage of “The Squire"
As a squire, their job was to serve their knights
Their main tasks were to give the knights their food, clean and feed the horses and clothing the knights in the morning
•When a male turned 20, he would officially become a knight
•His lord would give him a dubbing ceremony
•After every dubbing ceremony there is always a feast in celebration of the knight
•The knight’s main weapon was his sword, which weighed 32 lbs.
•Knights used all different types of weapons such as metal axes, battle hammers and spears
•The knights shields were made out of wood or metal and was decorated with their family emblem
The Knights Templar was a Christian military and their reputation came from battling the crusades
Templar's were not known as monks or priests but their lifestyle was very similar to theirs
The Templar's were wealthy, respected, and most of their wealth would come from other people who left money for them
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