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Technology for Today's Student

No description

Damian Laurayne

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Technology for Today's Student

Technology for Today's Student
by Damian Laurayne

Fun and Interactive for students and teachers
Easy to use, on your PC, mobile smart phone or tablet
Safe and secure learning environment
Open Collaboration between teachers and students
Parents can follow students' progress during course

A smart student response system
It takes 5 minutes for a teacher to set up a class
It empowers teachers to engage students
Activities can be done simultaneously through laptops, tablets and smartphones
easy to use, just add any topic and watch your wall grow
encourages instant collaboration
safe and secure for all users of the wall
teachers control users and content of the wall
wall can be added to any blog
Safe, secure and easy to use
Used for e-portfolios, class activities and other activities
Create and manage teacher/student blogs
Simple to customize design
Photos, videos and podcasts can be easily included in blog
Apps for Smartphones
"Give students the tools to help make their learning become more interesting." -Damian Laurayne 2013
Thank you for Your Attention!!
Why we need technology in the classroom?
Expansion of Space & Time
Depth of Understanding
Learning versus Teaching
Self-Expression & Collaboration
Going Global
Individual Pacing & Personal Productivity
Lower Cost & Weight
"Where Learning Happens"
"As easy as raising your hands"
"We give you a blank wall, add anything, anywhere; simple but powerful"
"The world's most popular blogging service"
• Easy ways for creative teams to think and collaborate their ideas
• Encourages collaboration and input of ideas and creativity
• Real time chat and activity with change notifications
• Safe and secure by sending individual or group invitations

"Visual Collaboration for Creative People"

Word Bucket
Teacher Damian's Wall:
Teacher Damian's Edmodo Home Page:
Ifisa Teacher Group Code:
Introduction Video:
E-mail: damian.laurayne76@gmail.com
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