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new country

Victor Xia

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of CA

location Absolute location- Lizardia is located in the indian ocean at pinpoints 30 South and 90 East.
Relative location- Lizardia is about 1,500 miles west from Geraldton, Australia. Lizardia By: Victor Xia & Liam Narendorf Lizardia Lizardia Lizardia is a small country west of Australia and is strangely, shaped like a lizard. It is approximately 675,467 square miles large. There is an estimated population of 1,513,198 people. Where Lizardia is on the globe Compass Rose Government Lizardia is a limited government. This means that the leader of Lizardia is chosen by the citizens. They have a vote and the candidate with the most votes wins. To get elected, the candidate has to be 36 or older. The Leader is called a leazard(Lea-zard). The Leazard cannot control the industries or farmland. A Leazard is chosen every ten years. A Leazard is affected by the laws like any normal citizen, and does not have special privileges regarding the laws. (The choosing of a Leader) Government (The rights) Everybody in Lizardia has the freedom of speech. They have the ability to vote after age 18. Women have the same rights as men. They also have right to have an education. There is the freedom of religion, equality, the right to travel and the right to carry a firearm. However, there are different crimes in Lizardia. If you kill a lizard, you will have to pay up to a 400$ fine. Government (The making of Laws) History In Lizardia, the Leazard makes the laws. The law is passed down to the Legislative branch and the Legislative branch checks to see if it is appropriate. If appropriate, the law is then passed on to the citizens for a vote. If there is more votes for yes than no, the law stays. If there is more votes for no, the law gets rejected. Economy Lizardia is a free enterprise country meaning the stores can sell anything legal and can set the price for each item. Lizardia has a great economy, for its per capita income is $30,000. Because Lizardia has a volcano, a good job for Lizardia would be a geologist to study the magma and volcanic rocks. Lizardia was formed on December 21, 2012 when a volcano erupted and the island surfaced. In November 3, 2015, Lizardia was found by Daniel Williams. Because of the island's shape, it was decided that the island would be called Lizardia. A couple weeks later, Daniel spread the news of the island, and colonist from Australia came to live there. In 2027, more colonist came and with them came hordes of lizards. From 2029 to 2039, there was a deadly famine due to overpopulated lizards eating all the food. The famine ended and the people lived happy again. History (Timeline) Culture A common culture in Lizardia is Lizardian. Lizardian is a culture where their religion is to worship the lizards. Lizardian was formed when Daniel Williams (The finder of the island) claimed that the island was formed in the shape of a lizard for a reason, and that it meant for them to treat the lizards with respect and kindness. Lizardian people tend to eat plants like an iguana and some people eat deer and other things that Komodo dragons could eat. When Lizardians draw art, they normally draw things that have to do with lizards. In Lizardia, most people speak English. The government of Lizardia are coming up with a Lizardian language, but it'll be a few decades until that happens. They develop these traits to help respect the lizards. Every November 3, the citizens of Lizardia go outside and light fireworks that were made to explode in the shape of a lizard. That day is called lizard day. They do this to celebrate the founding of the island. This is a common picture in Lizardian churches. Economy Lizardia is an agricultural country with some industries. They have a lot of really fertile soil for growing crops. They have a special tree growing in Jungle country. This tree's leaves are specially grown to be fire-resistant. Lizardia exports the fire-proof leaves to Australia, which they then use as fire proof clothes. Lizardia is rich with oil, so a lot of people come for the great job opportunity. Machines have dug deep under the volcano and found out that the land was rich with platinum! (Activities and Resources) Economy (Imports and Exports) Lizardia Economy (Imports and Exports) Lizardia needs to import cotton for clothes, lots of different kinds of technology, iron, rubber, aluminum and carbon fiber. Lizardia exports oil, fire-proof material, crops, platinum, lizard food and pet lizards. Pounds of Platinum Barrels of Oil Gallons of water Bushels of Crops Natural Resources (Per year) Electronic devices Cotton Car Parts Imports (Per year) Fire proof leaves Barrels of Oil Lbs of Platinum Crops Pet Lizards Lizard Food 100,000 300,000 150,000 500,000 150,000 250,000 Exports (per year) 750,000 1,000,000 500,000 250,000 450,000 2,500,000 750,000 Head Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body This is a picture drawn of a lizard that the famous artist, Liam Narendorf drew. Economic Activities (Part of Agriculture) Resources -http://www.worldatlas.com/ -https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ -Paint
-http://www.googleimages.com/ The End Extra Info!!!!! #1- Lizardia was inspired by Liam's love in Lizards.
#2- Lizardia is an ally with multiple countries and is very peaceful.
#3- Lizardia may seem big, but there are no provinces/states; the cities are huge.
#4- We are part of the UN(United Nations) Thanks for Watching!!!! Citizens Legislative
Branch Leazard Or in a more detailed version....... 1. 2. 3. Law Making The Leazard comes up with a law. He or she then checks to see if it is what they think is good for the country. The Leazard then sends the law to the Legislative branch. The branch receives the law. They check if the law is appropriate for Lizardia. If appropriate, they send it to the public. If not, the law gets vetoed. The citizens receive the appropriate law and have a vote to see whether it stays or leaves. The votes get tallied up and the law gets determined. If there are more yes votes, the law stays. If there are more no votes, the law gets rejected. Map of Lizardia
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