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Copy of Nestle Chamyto

No description

Jenelyn Moreno

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Nestle Chamyto

Nestle Chamyto
Why does Chamyto failed in the market?
The Product
Levels of competition
(Nestle bear brand probiotic drink)

As a traditional and market insight company nestle invest in promotion and disclose of brand encourages sports sponsoring and giving prizes for contest. Also by making an advertisement commercial.

The old 4p’s

The New 4p's
It has a taste of medicine.
It is not famous unlike its competitors.

The product was mainly found in markets, hypermarkets and groceries.
Regular = 5php
One pack of 4 regular = 20

The Product



Healthy drink
Has variety of flavours
Comes in different sizes
All natural
Reasonable price
Strong competition
Small distribution

Trend in health concern
Increase in number of stores and hypermarket

Over popular competitors
Retaining customer

Chamyto will be available in
3 different sizes, which are 60ml,
233 ml, and 500ml. and will also
be available in different flavors:

- Original flavor - Strawberry
- Apple - Orange
- Chocolate - Grapes

Product design and packaging

Nestle CHAMYTO milk is a tasty
and healthy Fermented it contains
exclusive live lactobacilli of NESTLÉ,
delicious for breakfast or snack.
It is diminutive form of chamo,
which is translated as kid or teen
The Chamyto dairy product that is prescribed by doctors when you take antibiotics has lactobacilli and other microorganism helps restore gut flora.
The packaging consists of a chamyto injected into a polyethylene bottle sealed with dealuminio film. It was named after a Disney character (Aladdin’s genie).


Put up a store where consumer can directly buy the product
hire people to peddle the product
This will also be available in all supermarkets nationwide.
 Chamyto will be priced 9php for every 65ml bottle 18php for every 233ml bottle and 35php for every 500ml bottle.

Online store on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Put up a free taste booth on the first week of our relaunching
Giving away flyers to by passers.
Advertisement commercial in television
Online store on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Giving away flyers to by passers.
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