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Vocal Culminating

No description

Owen Robinson

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Vocal Culminating

INFORMATION - took place from 1865-1981
- shows attempted and successful assassinations of the American presidents through a musical style HISTORICAL AND SOCIAL CONTEXT From the eyes of Sondheim and the display of his musical, he shows the political involvement of assassins in society and the role they’ve played throughout American history.

They’ve invoked fear into the American society, back in the day. Sondheim shows -- how in some ways -- society has relied on and embraced assassination and how America stills fears the unknown. CONNECTION TO SOCIETY HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE IN MUSICAL THEATRE Assassins was a significant piece in the history of musical theater because it was one of the very first musicals where the actors incorporated musical instruments into the actual show, whereas in the past, the band played off-stage. Owen Robinson
THE MUSICAL - Book writer and librettist
- Born September 25, 1946
- Since 1986, John has been a writer for Sesame Street - Notable assassinations include:
- Abraham Lincoln, who was killed by JohnWilkes Booth in 1865
- John F. Kennedy, killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963.

- 4 presidents were assassinated

- jumps from different periods of time
- many events had happened, such as the Civil War, to the Indian Wars, to the World Wars. EVERYBODY'S GOT THE RIGHT SOCIAL IMPACT - small amounts of biographical information on each assassin were taken
- highlighting their lives and steps to trying or successfully killing a president

- displays pain and darkness lurking in society

- showed the fictional motivations
- provokes questions to why the assassins killed the presidents HISTORICAL AND SOCIAL CONTEXT - A well-known composer and lyricist famous for his contributions to musical theatre
- Born March 22, 1930, currently 83 years old, in New York
- Winner of an academy award and eight Tony awards (more than any other composer), eight Grammy awards, a Pulitzer Prize and the Laurence Olivier Award Stephen Sondheim John Weidman Synopsis CRITICS Los Angeles Times The musical was popular among the theatre crowd. - many mixed reviews from critics described in an article in the Los Angeles Times Some described the musical as a “misfire”. Frank Rich:
- the musical had the potential to be an extraordinary original piece of theatre
- the potential was unfulfilled - Associated Press' Michael Kuchwara thought the musical was “unnerving... a brilliant show, filled with dark, demented horror” CBC Joff Schmidt states that the musical Assassins, “hits the bullseye”, with positive reviews to follow. “Assassins has made us laugh, moved us, and provoked us with questions about our society and who we truly want to be. It's hard to ask more from an evening of theatre.” (Joff Schmidt) He exclaimed that:

The musical was hysterical and comedic.

Only something a writer like Sondheim can create. The cast in this specific version of the musical was extravagant.

They were very talented performers. Review of 2004 Version Review of 1991 Version OUR THOUGHTS Cast of Assassins (Picture from CBC review) Assassins at the Tony Awards Thank you for watching!
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