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Bangtan Boys

No description

Han Sol

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Bangtan Boys

I present to you,
Bangtan Boys
Well, they are also known as...
Bangtan Sonyeondan (Prezi somehow doesn't know hangul)
Bulletproof Boys' Scout
Introducing the BTS' albums, just because
Here they think they are too cool for school, but really, with that spelling? Boys, you should definitely go back to school.
Probably came late to school, or as they call it "skool", definitely because they think they're too cool. No wonder man.
And the pain continues as they decide to fall in love. It's probably the same person that was late too, just a theory.
Having finished that, let's introduce our lovely members.
Rap Monster
One would think he's the oldest, but he's not.
Wonderful leader Rap Monster, real name: Kim Namjoon.
Seoul guy, bascially.
Used to be an underground rapper.
Writes most of BTS' songs, along with Suga.
When they first debuted he used to always wear sunglasses and people were wondering how his eyes look like.
Born 1994.
Can speak English fluently.
Taught it himself, wow.
Here is an example of his English.
A song he wrote and produced himself (and sang, oh my).
Our next rapper Suga! Real name: Min Yoongi
Originally from Daegu.
Satoori for the win basically.
Very cool guy.
Seems a bit stubborn to me actually.
Used to be an underground rapper too, before he joined BigHit.
I don't know if calling cute is that accurate, but he has swag.
He is the kind of guy we can all relate to tbh.
Born 93
He had to be hospitalised and that was awful T.T
He writes most of BTS' songs with Rapmon.
Real name: Kim Seokjin
Born 92
Nuki's little crush.
He is one of the vocalists, but barely ever sings, cause they actually didn't even like his singing at first and dunno.
Pretty cute sweetheart actually.
He says his nickname is dumbass, okay.
Looks a lot like Cha Chisoo.
He is BFF with Kidoh, who was orginally meant to be a part of BTS, but now he's in Topp Dogg.
Suga wrote this song.
Cutie to be honest.
He's the cute and random one.
To be honest, he is weirder than V.
He's dancer and rapper.
One of BTS' aegyo masters though.
They once had an aegyo battle, people actually died.
You can call him Hobi too.
Born 94
Real name: Jung Hoseok
He is the mother of the group, at least, I just declared him to that.
He's a cutie-pie and he got a message on his birthday from his parents and cried and it broke my heart.
J-Hope is on the left.
From Gwangju.
Satoori 4eva.
Loves the colour pink.
Great cook.
BTS' princess tbh.
Real name: Kim Taehyung
BTS' 2nd Maknae, a fact, I only found out now.
Born 95
He is in his own world, most of the time tbh,
that's why people call him alien.
And because he's weird.
Pretty random and cute though.
He says he's a man of imagination
Master of aegyo Number 2
Will we send you the epic showdown?
Apparently he was an ulzzang predebut o.o
One of the unnoticed vocals.
He was one of the last members to be revealed. They hid him, until the first teasers came out.
Daegu Namja
My bias, what
Lazy, unless it's about Music.
Was the only one who was street-casted.
No words needed to be honest.
Real name: Park Jimin
Was originally planned to be called Baby J
95 liner
Shortest of the group.
He's one of the dancers
Aegyo Master Number 3
He has some kind of abs "fetish"- aka, he likes to show his upper body
He's so squishy that Nuki dies.
He complained a lot about his weight predebut, saying he was fat.
Shortest member.
You can call him Jiminnie
Jin and Kidoh
One of many examples of how dope his/their
dancing skills are.
Little Busan guy
Or Jeongguk
Or Kookie
97 liner
Mini to be honest, even Zelo is his hyung.
Real name: Jeon Jungkook
BTS' Golden Maknae
Now seriously, he's the focus on all of the things they do.
He is the one vocalist, that isn't unnoticed.
Little cutie pie
Nuki likes to call him fetus
Rapper and dancer too tbh.
Or The Seagull
He switches between mischievous and evil to cute and innocent and lost puppy, it's unbelievable.
Jin's favourite tbh
Golden Maknae for a reason.
After having present our wonderful members, let's present their wonderful creations and beautiful minds...
I will present to you now, quotes of BTS' beautiful and meaningful and powerful lyrics.
"The class system of the 21st century is divided into two
Those who have and those who haven’t
Those who wear the shoes and those who don’t
Those who have the clothes and those who don’t
And those who try hard to get those things
What’s going on? Are you falling behind on the trend?"
"The tomorrow we’ve been waiting for becomes the name of yesterday, at some point tomorrow becomes today, today becomes yesterday, tomorrow becomes yesterday and is behind me.
Life isn’t about living along but living through"
"But what's this? There is nothing special in being an adult.[...]I was a young adult but now I'm an adult child."
"Who is the one who made us into
studying machines? They classify us to
either being number one or dropping out."
"Rebel against the hellish society, dreams are a special pardon."
"I don't want the same life as others, get out of my way! You said to endure it a little longer, accusing him. Please! This is not my style."
"Everything you did will be exactly what you will be, right?"
"It’s funny, you think anything is possible when you’re a kid, when you feel how hard it is to get through one day."
"Every single day is a repetition of ctrl+c, ctrl+v."
They can't be that great, you wonder?
"She's my religion, so I can call you she-sus."
"There is no exit in this
crowded ring called a classroom
That’s right, in the end
school is like another mini society
A jungle made carelessly by adults
They made the weaklings weak,
they made the strong powerful"
"You look fresh like a salad, so smooth."
...you were right.
"Stop playing hard to get before I kick you in the butt."
Have you ever wondered how rappers deal with haters?
Recently, before BTS made a comeback, they were highly criticised by another rapper, whose name I won't mention. Basically, he only attacked the rappers, calling them fake and laughable (and gay), well, here is their answer and I will quote some parts, that I liked the best.
"On top of the running man is the flying man
On top of the flying man is the one who rides on him
That’s me, beat, a badder guy than Rain"
"You’re like a Katalk with no friends, no reason to look"
"Did you already wet your pants? Sorry, there’s no bathroom"
"Compared to you who sleeps all night, I’m a workaholic, shoppaholic, overspending on my pens that are more in number than your fans"
"My voice even bewitches your girlfriend"
"Compared to your size, your rap is so thin
Like your parents, my heart hurts every time I see you"
Here are some random bits of their awesomeness.
And this has been my little introduction of the awesomeness that is BTS.
I hope you enjoyed.
Sugar overloaded *explosion sound*
And because the vocalists are coming so short,
here is a special section for them.
Cosplay time *wink*
Little ancient princess.
Lady bug, aw.
Chinese woman
Beautiful maid
And here we have Jimin and J-Hope laughing at them
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