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Arguments against locker searches

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jozix pdl

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Arguments against locker searches

Arguments against locker search By, Joseph PdL I once had a friend (a.k.a my neighbor) who's school has locker searches. His school is allowed to have ipods and phones at school. They are allowed to have them out at lunch. But there school has locker searches.
He had lost his brand new ipod 4 due to locker searches, and he never saw it again, because the people who search lockers found it and ether lost it or stole it. Pros to non locker searches -People will not get things stolen -People can mind there own business -Noone will need to worry -No one will mind people looking through there stuff Cons to locker searches -People might have weapons -People might have drugs in locker -People may have stolen something Why I am against locker searches FIN Other peoples opinions On a scale basis most people actually hate locker searches and think that schools need to terminate them because they think its a waist of time. School opinion School agree with the police mostly and actually want to make sure everyone is safe in school. Reasons to rebel Questions you should ask. How many times have they found something bad in lockers in the past 12 years? How come most of the time my stuff disappears after a locker search? Why am I pulled out of my class randomly in front of everyone looking like a criminal? How do they search your locker? 1. Pull you out of class randomly
2. Make you open your locker
3. Send you back to class
4. Search through everything in your locker 5. Suppose able put everything back intact Do they have permission to take your stuff? Yes they do but the law is that they MUST return the item to you at some time of the year unless it something like drugs or a machine gun(but they usually forget) If you are caught with something what happens? They usually take you to the principal tell you parents that you had something harmful. Any other facts or stories Yes, one time my aunt (who teaches kindergarten came in one day and saw that one of the children had a real pistol in his hands and was showing it off to his friends. (Yet the school kept it secret and told my aunt to go home.) dont be on the stalkers side Locker searches are for stalkers This is pedo bear. pedo bear stalks children like us Pedo bear is also related to people who do locker searches
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