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Dream house

House to live in.

Lachlan Ryan

on 15 October 2010

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Transcript of Dream house

DREAM HOUSE, How would I have enough money to build this house? Well I don’t think that I will ever have enough money to build this house I would have to win the lottery or get rich some other way! I could make alot of money if I do hard work maybe? A s ssw Another way I could make money is some kind of game show I could make some money to build my dream house by winning a game show! What would I want is my dream house? I would have a swimming pool,
I would have a tennis court,
I would have a massive screen T.V What features would my dream house have? My Dream house would have two stories.
It would be a mansion. How much could this house cost? Im not quite sure exactly how much this dream house would cost. But to make the house of my
dream it would cost around 1-10 million! These are what some house look like that are
in my budget! When I build my deram house
I will have to build it from
the ground up!This means I will
need to buy some vacant land.
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