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7 Steps to Effective Emails

No description

Kara Araujo

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of 7 Steps to Effective Emails

#1: Build & Segment An Awesome List
-Connection cards
-Event sign-in sheets
-Web form
-Ask your colleagues & congregation
#7: Check the results & optimize!
Check the stats. Know your average open rate & click through rate. Try new techniques and see what happens.
#2 Find Your Voice
#4: Hook 'em with a killer subject line
Intrigue vs. Transparency
Is this email spam?

Do I need to open it - now?

Who is this from?

Why are they writing to me?
#5: Choose the right layout
Plain Text vs. Fancy Design

Unlocking Effective Emails in 7 Steps
Thank you!
#3: Perfect the "From" Address
#6: AIDA that content!
BONUS step 1: Platforms
Your emails should reflect your values!




From a person? Or an organization? Or Chickenman?

Topical? Or newsletter?

"One more day to register for the Episcopal Communicator's Conference!"
"You're seriously going to wish you opened this email."
"50% off tickets to Messiah this weekend!"
"It's whimsical, it's classical. It's nostalgic. And it's free."
"Father Daniel jumped out of a treehouse!"
FROM: Kara Araujo

SUBJECT: Ready, set, free tickets!

FROM: Trinity Wall Street

SUBJECT: Do you want free Messiah tickets? Just open this email!
Consider Plain Text...

When you want to sound like a friend

When you want people to reply

When you're "selling" one thing

When you're building a relationship

When you're offering customer service
Consider Fancy Designs...

When you want to look official

When you don't want people to reply

When you're selling more than one thing

When there's a lot of information to process
Don't forget mobile!
Use a single column for mobile.
Grab their interest to make them read the rest.

Want to get better at your job, see a beluga whale, and go 100 stories up?

Lay the foundation. Use up to 3 points.

The Episcopal Communicators Conference has excellent keynotes & pick-your-own workshops that will enhance your skill set + many fun networking events to meet new friends and connect with old ones.
Increase the build up and make them really want it.

Oh, and did we mention that the conference is in CHICAGO this year? Stay at the beautiful, historical Palmer House and enjoy your free time by visiting The Skydeck, The Shedd Aquarium, or Navy Pier. Or just enjoy the lake and some Chicago-style pizza!
What do you want people to do? Be specific.

Register for the conference today and receive a 25% discount! www.register.com

*AIDA structure adapted from email marketing presentation by Customer.io
BONUS step 2:
"Panama Mission Trip Update."

Link to a website to read more
Download a PDF
Email to RSVP
Link to Register
Link to Buy tickets
Add event to calendar
Share with a friend


Open: 25.12%
Click: 3.25%

Use the BCC:

Recipients can't see who received the email & they can only reply to you.
Store your contact list in Excel & email from Outlook with Mail Merge.
Free up to 2,000 contacts & 12,000 sends per month
Friendly design interface
Easily manage contact list - merge with Raiser's Edge
Post a subscribe form to your website
Kara Araujo

Sylvestre Gug
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