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Union and Confederate Strategies

No description

Lauren Mercer

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Union and Confederate Strategies

Union Strategy
One strategy the union used was the use of ships. They surrounded the southern ports with their ships. This prevented the South from receiving needed goods.
Union and Confederate Strategies
Union Strategy
The union's master plan was called the "Anaconda Plan".
Union Strategy
The plan was to "cut" the south in 2, and to starve them into submission. To "choke them out", like an Anaconda.
Union Strategies
Confederate Strategies
Confederate Strategies
Confederate Strategies
Confederate Strategies
Confederate Strategies
The union would continue cutting the south by capturing the Tennessee River
Jefferson Davis and the confederate generals had different plans, causing them to constantly be fighting.
Davis' plan was to wear down the best equipped and manned troops from the union.
Davis also wanted allies. He was able to have John Slidell and James Mason be his allies.
John Slidell and James Mason were on the British ship "The Trent" when they were kidnapped by the US, and a war almost started between the US and Britain.
As Lincoln grew in the presidential office, Jefferson Davis' power shrank. His views became less and less important, so less and less people listened. Eventually his power diminished completely.
I believe the union had a better plan.
Union Strategies
The union strategy- the Anaconda plan- eventually helped in the successful win of the civil war
I think the Union had a better plan because they knew that the South could not live without their imports.
The confederacy had a poor plan, thinking that they could use cotton diplomacy against the north. The south didn't account for the British being able to get cotton somewhere else.
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