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No description

Dima Bangens

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of “Cheaper-with.jimdo”

Our Custumer.
General information
Adress: Brivibas iela 9,Riga.
Tel. +37126387298
Web site: www.cheaper-with.jimdo.com

Description of our company.
This is marketing company, which places an advertisement companies it the our site and moving their product. For example, we conclude an agreement with companies, and after that, we place his advertisement.

Our Team.
We distributed duties not on positions, but by knowledge. Our basic task is to keep our website updated with advertisements for our clients.

Our ideas about new logo.
Holzwurm GmbH -
this company use only natural materials for manufacturing his product.
All construction sets are produced according to their plug-in system, which was patented in 2011.
Old Logo.
Advertisement compaigh for Holzwurm GmbH.
Managing director - Dmitrij Bangen
Accountant - Nicole Koshina
Designer - Ruslan Kozlov
Products of Holzwurm GmbH .
By Cheaper - With
They produce in an environmentally friendly way
Our Offer.
Pocket calendar.
Business card.
Contract with our custumer.
Thank you for your attention!
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