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Photo tings

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Transcript of Photo tings

Digital Ph t graphy:
Culminating Assignment!!!!!! My Wings Enhanced Picture Original Picture Lighting My lighting that I used was the light from the afternoon sun that was shining through my window on the east side of the photo and a reading lamp with a power of 60 watts that was shining on the west side of the photo. By Gilbert Cunanan :) Composition Framing: I didn't really have a natural frame in this photo, so I made sure most of the space in this picture has been covered by the shoe.

Angle: Originally you could see the whole right side of the shoe but since I experimented with angles I found a unique angle to take the photo of my shoe. It really makes the shoe stand out.

Comment: I really wanted to capture the logo on the shoe and the actual shoe itself which were the Rose 3.5 . Creative Picture Editing Process for the Enhanced Photo First, I used levels to make the photo more realistic and achieve more depth.

Second, I used brightness and contrast to make the photo stand out more with more lighting.

Third, I used hue and saturation to make the colours stand out more and also the make them more brighter.

After, I used colour balance to get emphasize the red in the picture because it makes the background and the shoe stand out more in the picture. Also I reduced the blue in this picture because it really makes the leather around the shoe more presentable. Comment After my first edit, I feel that my new picture is more vibrant and more pleasant to stare at because of how detailed it looks now. Also it is an overall great picture because the colours really make it stand out. Editing Process for the Creative Photo At first, I was actually just playing around with the effects but then I realized I wanted create like a X-ray effect and a ghost look with my photos without using the X-Ray effect.

First, I tried sepia to make my photo like vintage and old.

Second, I solarized it, to make the picture dark fierce, then I inverted the colours and to get the X-ray effect.

After I used the cross process to really get that ghost look. Comment After this edit, I felt that my photo just died peacefully because it had no colour but it looked pretty cool because you can see all the small details the edit has made and how something plain and simple could look so fierce. THE END


BYE BYE :) This is the X-ray and ghost look, that I achieved. My Inspiration
My inspiration came from the song "Wings" by the artist Macklemore. It is my inspiration because the song talks about how people get so caught up on just a pair of Nikes or Jordans.

"I bought these dreams, that all fall down"

"This dream that they sold to you,
For a hundred dollars and some change
Consumption is in the veins
And now I see it's just another pair of shoes ." THE END

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