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Burt's Bees in Fantastic Forest

No description

Chung Ngan Yu

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Burt's Bees in Fantastic Forest

Burt's Bees in Fantastic Forest The Multimedia Advertising Promotion Campaign Visual Multimedia Advertising Campaign for Burt's Bees to promote Honey Lip Balm Burt's Bees in Fantastic Forest Introduction Target Audience Burt's Bees in Fantastic Forest Insight Bear mistakenly think Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm is real HONEY Slogan Honey Background information of Burt's Bees An American brand that making products of personal care

Manufacture the products with natural ingredients Communication Objective The popularity of Burt's Bees in Hong Kong can be increased

Audience will try to use Burt's Bees Lip Balm then share their experience to their friends Single Minded Message 100% Natural Honey Our creative ideas

Around memorable of human
Call out audiences' memories and resonance. CHUR Advertising

Provide a one-stop service
Includes creativity and production We are
CHUR Advertising Main work area

Produce advertising with kinetic graphics Created by
CHUR Advertising

Cheng Wing Shan
Chung Mei Yee
Chung Ngan Yu
Ho Nga Chung

Supervised by
Ricky Ng Our Challenge & Opportunity Competitors of Burt’s Bees - Mentholatum
Enhance the market share - Reason of promotion Less people know Burt’s Bees in Hong Kong
Enhance the popularity - Reason of promotion The price of Honey Lip Balm - Too high for most of costumers
Explain why Burt’s Bees are worth to buy Hong Kong People Hong Kong Female 15-25 years old female in Hong Kong 18-23 years old female in Hong Kong Reasons Enhance the market share in Hong Kong Lip balm utilization rate of male is low Their mobility is big
They love to try new products Survey Part 1 Result:
They usually use lip balm
But the number of people who know Burt’s Bees is just 43%
We should expand the market in this age range Honey can be referred to... Idea Survey Part 1 Result:
The taste and function are important for them
Like funny story more and come with special character design Bear is our main character The stories and scenes are adapted from fairy tales Call out their memories and resonance. Product - Honey Lip Balm Bear's Favorite can be referred to... Bear want it naturally Product manufactures with natural ingredients Pre-production Burt's Bees in Fantastic Forest Storyline Burt's Bees in Fantastic Forest Above the line Supportive production Online and Interactive Scope of work 3 TV Commercials
3 Print Advertisements
Ambient Promotion Website
Interactive promotion idea Info graphic video
Showcase Bear smells the honey then goes into different forests to find that
Bear follows different characters from fairy tales because of the Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm

3 Storylines
The Adventures of Pinocchio
Alice in Wonderland
Little Red Riding Hood Style 2D animation composite with real shooting video

Graphics Style


Shadows Location Casting & Styling The reason that chose
Adequate light without shadow Name : Li Fong Shan
Age : 20
Height : 169cm Casting 1 for Alice in Wonderland Name : Chung Wai Shan
Age : 18
Height : 169cm Casting 2 for Alice in Wonderland Name : Cherry Wong
Age : 22
Height : 166cm Casting 3 for Alice in Wonderland Name : Ng Sin Hang
Age : 18
Height : 156 cm Casting 1 for The Adventures of Pinocchio Name : Ng Ka Wai
Age : 19
Height : 156 cm Casting 2 for The Adventures of Pinocchio Name : Ng Ka Wai
Age : 19
Height : 156 cm Casting 3 for The Adventures of Pinocchio Name : Kwong Tsz Shan
Age : 19
Height : 157 cm Casting 1 for Little Red Riding Hood Name : Yeung Yim Ting
Age : 21
Height : 160 cm Casting 2 for Little Red Riding Hood Name : Tsui Fuk Lui
Age : 20
Height : 158 cm Casting 3 for Little Red Riding Hood Black Hair Band French braid White Dress with sequins Blue Leggings Black High Heels Hairband Necklace Small color balls Socks with lace Patched pants Pigtail Rouge in Orange color Styling of Little Red Riding Hood Styling of Pinocchio Styling of Alice TV Commercials Production & Post-Production of TV Commercials The Adventures of Pinocchio Alice in Wonderland Little Red Riding Hood The TV commercials will be aired in TVB as it is the major TV station in Hong Kong.

Also, they will be placed on & Composition & Visual Effects Video Editing & Animation Shooting & Graphic Design The process of making TV Commercials Audio Editing The visual effects included
Keylight (1.2)
CC smear
CC light burst
CC light sweep
CC Lens
and more. Making-of Video Print Advertisements Out-of-home
Watchout video production Website Ambient Promotion Interactive Promotion Idea Poster To promote Honey Lip Balm specifically
To show the promotion way Through the other media to sell the product
Talk about the bear finds the Honey Lip Balm through nine monitors The stickers will stick on the reflective place
Reason: Girls like to look at oneself in reflective place Indirect way to sell the product through a childhood game To promote the honey lip balm is 100% natural honey To emphasize bear feeling that finds the honey To promote 100% natural honey MTR Station When audience follow the steps, form the model and scan the AR code. The bear will appear on screen and find the Honey Lip Balm.

To promote the product is 100% natural
Collect the data of download to know how many audience contact this promotion Connect the promotion website Place in point of sale Place in transport Work Breakdown Schedule Overall Budget When did we start? Idea Development
Survey Sep Jan Pre-Production Shooting
Graphic Design
Animation Dec Composition & Editing March Visual Effects April Complete the productions May Showcase Infographic Thank you for your watching Alice in Wonderland Little Red Riding Hood The Adventures of Pinocchio
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