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Japanese Internment Camps

Coby Smith & Mahalia Sanon

Coby Smith

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Japanese Internment Camps

The Japanese Holocaust 1940 1955 2000 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor 1942 Executive Order 9066 First Large Group of Japanese-American Removed First Civilian Exclusion Order 1943 1945 1948 Terminal Island "Little Tokyo, USA" Inmates Arrive in Various States Relocation = Concentration December 7 February 19 February 25 March 24 June August - September October 20 April 13 "A Jap's a Jap." 1970 January 2 Resettlement Restrictions Removed August 6 Atomic Bombing in Japan July 2 Japanese - American Evacuation Claims Act 1985 1988 Civil Liberties Act 1990 October 9 First Redress Payments 1998 Reparations Ended August Japanese Symbol for Happiness Thank You So Much For Watching! Presented by Mahalia Sanon & Coby Smith Works Cited

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