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By: Saurav Santhosh

Saurav Santhosh

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of India

By Saurav Santhosh India There are a lot of geographical features in
India. There are waterfalls, deserts,,mountain
There are also plateaus and thousands of valley.s
In this Prezzi, I am going to show you all the
features of India. Geographical features Mountains are huge hills made out of land and nature. There are lots of spring water in there. It can also be cold when you climb a mountain. Himalayas are the mountains in India. The tallest mountain in the world. It is called Mount Everest. Mountains Plateaus are just like mountains except their tops are cut off. There are a lot of plateaus in India. There is one famous plateau, it is call the Deccan plateau. It is a very famous feature in India. Plateaus There are a lot of Rivers in India, like River Ganges and river Yamuna. Ganges is a holy river because Hindu's believe that it sets souls free and it washes away any sicknesses or disease. The river Yamuna is believed to be a present from a god in India. Rivers There are so many waterfalls that it is countable. Most of the waterfalls are in Kerela. Kerela is the most visited tourist place in India and it is believed to be god's own country. Kerela is a state in India. I come from Kerela. Waterfalls There are a lot of deserts. Desserts are large, vast areas of land covered with sand. It is also very hot. The biggest desert in India is called the Thar desert. Please don't think that India is very hot because it also snows there. India is a place full of vast heritage and history. Deserts As you can see, the mountains have snow on top of them.

Mount Everest is mostly a part of Nepal and has a small portion of India. Ganges(left ) Yamuna(right) A video of Kerela India is a very large land. It is the 7th biggest country in the world with the second most population followed by China. Here are some pictures of Kerela in India. India Thats it!!!!!!! By Saurav Santhosh
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