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No description

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Yoga

Japan's Economy

CorePower Yoga
Enter into Japan Market
Partner with _____ Spa to support market entry

Target Market
People who understand the need to have a healthy, active lifestyle
Start-up Expenses
Strategic Plan
Japan is an island nation in East Asia
located in the Pacific Ocean
It borders China, North Korea, South Korea, Russia, and Taiwan
Japan consists of four major islands and several numerous islands
Japan's land mass is slightly smaller than California's
Population is over 127 million people
Since Japan has few natural resources it relies heavily on imports
Labor and Employment
Income level (by per capita GNI)=high
Level of development= developed
Gross Domestic Products:
GDP= 4901 billion
GDP growth rate= 1%
GDP per capita= 37,432.91
GDP country rank PPP= 4th
Labor force total: 65,545,688
Employment in agriculture: 3.7%
Employment in industry: 25.3%
Employment in services: 69.7%
Employment rate: 3.30%
Business Opportunity
International Competitors
Political & Legal
Entry Mode of Operation
Strategic Alliance
Yoga Works
(New York & California)

Jivamukti Yoga
(New York, Charleston, London, Munich, Berlin, Sydney)

Local Japanese Yoga Studios
Open a CorePower Yoga studio in Japan
Japan's Culture
Founded by emperor Jimmu
Influenced by Chinese and korean traditions
Japanese Religion
84% Shinto, Buddhist or both
15.3% Taoism or Confucianism
.7% Christian
According to ABC news Japan's is the healthiest nation for both men and women
Pricing and Promotions
Unlimited class
16060.21 Yen
1 class
1976.64 Yen
5 classes
9265.50 Yen
10 classes
12364 Yen

20 classes
35208.92 Yen
1 month unlimited
17913.31 Yen
3 month unlimited
46327.52 Yen
First Week FREE!!!
Financial Analysis
U.S. - Japan Tax Treaty 2003
Partnering with CorePower Yoga
Brand Presence

Assists in reducing the required withholding taxes by up to 50%, for royalties or dividends paid to US companies, the withholding tax to be deducted and paid in Japan is presently reduced to 10%
Global Information Systems
Reports & Data for Managing Decision Making:
Office 365 & Sharepoint
Venture Website
Human Resources
Product Concept, Competitive Advantage, Target Market, & Promotion Strategy
Global Distribution Strategy
Studio Manager
Staffing Plan:
Start with an ethnocentric plan
Eventually move to a polycentric plan
Performance Appraisal Plan:
-Questionnaire including topics on self-evaluation and goals accomplished and will occur monthly and yearly
Target Market
College students
The health conscious
Corporate owned stores
Direct to consumer

Age 18-50
1 free week of yoga
Various pricing models
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