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Flood Control

By: Claire and Natalie

claire counts

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Flood Control

Flood Control
By: Natalie and Claire Dams and Levees Storm drains Storm drains are pipes that carry away storm water. Water enters the grates and then flows down to the pipes. When rainfall is heavy storm drains help so it won't flood as much. Cities use storm drains so when the streets flood, it isn't nearly as bad. Is flooding ever a good thing? Flooding is great in places that are unpopulated. Otherwise, floods are destructive forces that destroy many things. Sometimes dams and levees are bad because many plants and animals survive off of the flood water. When a river floods, it brings water to the soil and animals that live nearby. Fun Facts about
floods: - Flash floods can take place many miles away from a storm
- If you are under a flasflood warning you are in danger even if it's not raining
- Most deaths from floods and severe storms are preventable
- Most people killed in floods are males
- The majority of people killed in floods are in a vehicle A dam is a wall across a river that controls the flow of a river. A levee is an artificial or natural slope or wall to prevent the flooding of a river. Levees are also called dikes. Both are human interventions. Flood Example Dam and levee examples Storm Drain Example hg This is a flood gb Thanks For Watching!!! Bibliography: - science interactive and hardback book
- ehow.com
- Brainpop.com
- Q & A wiki This is a flood
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