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Budget Buddy

Programming Project

Divya Kantamneni

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Budget Buddy

Taylor Fuqua
Divya Kantamneni
Steven Li
Andrew Liu
Brandon Rukin Design Problem Statement Analysis Implementation Credibility Problem
Statement Defining the Problem Money Management & Budgeting Problems of College Students
Process: Allocated Money on Gworlds
Lump Sums of Money
Recognizing Daily Expenditures
Allocating Money Efficiently
No Parental Advisory
Lack of Budgeting
Who is Affected On Campus University Students
Subjective to inefficient spending
Parents of Students
Original meal plan payment
More funding
The University
Wreaks Benefits:
Under-spending Analysis Does the application system clearly and adequately reflect the problem domain?

Does it automate certain processes?

Does it save manpower, or provide more accurate information for decision support?

Does it prevent errors in human processing? What is Needed to Solve Problem Easy access to spending information & simple program navigation system

Tools that let the user customize their budget preferences Design Inputs & Outputs INPUTS:
Login information
Gworld Transactions
Prototype Design

Detailed Summary of Spending Habits
Budgeting Schedule Based on Balance
Interactive Map w/ Nearby Vendors Users Spend Smarter and Save More College students at George Washington University Implementation Features Login Screen
Main Screen
Graphs & Charts
Interactive Maps
List of Expenditures Budgeting Aspect Calculates a weekly spending budget

User ability to allocate money towards budgeting categories

Display of budgeting activity VS actual spending Credibility Impact Monitor/ Adjust Spending Habits
Ability to control income budget
Delegate budgets to different lifestyles
Spending rate calculations and comparisons

Broaden Spending Choices
Interactive Maps
Covenient Retailer Suggestions

Systematically displays collection of budgeting information Introduction of Application System to University Interesting to Us
by the students, for the students

Who signs off at GWU
Louis H. Katz, Executive VP & Treasurer

Profitability to You
Advertisment Revenues/ User Fees

Current System Add-On
JSA Tech
Expansion Focus, Not Service Enjoy
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