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No description

Quincy Wang

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Halloween

Quincy Wang
Kaylee Yang
Wanlu Li
Alex Xie
Cindra Wang
Sabrina Liu
1. Create a guest list;
Sent specific invitation;
Monitor the access

2.Make the party about something other than alcohol
2. Prepare yummy food
3. Nonalcoholic drinks available
4. Appoint professional "bartender"
5. Stop serving alcohol one hour before party ends

Crowd Control
1. Alcohol / Fire control

2. Aware of weather issue

3. Monitor sexual assaults

4. Monitor drugs

5. Monitor crowd crushes
Emergencies — Active Shooter
Public a be aware of any alert (Phone, Announcement, Sound, Gunfire)

If evacuate is possible

If evacuation is impossible

When law enforcement arrived
Emergencies — Shelter in Place
Emergencies — Fire
Emergencies — Natural Disaster
Listen to the radio or TV for information
Find a secure area to take shelter in
Turn off utilities if instructed to do so
Avoid using the phone
Ensure a supply of water for sanitary purposes

Stay off the phone
Stay away from windows
Use flashlights if the power goes out
Stop using phones and electrical equipments
Unplug appliances and computers
Always prepare the emergency action plan
Always check the plan before publish it
Always publish the plan before the events
Always evaluate the plan after events even no emergency issues happen
Check how many emergency exit and location
Help ensure that the emergency plan
Check about the shelter kit and first aid
To Attendees:
Be first, be right. Stop doing what is holding in this party
Inform all attendees what happens
Provide quick direction where to go to get rid of danger
Check with the attendees whether there is someone getting hurt and need first aid
To Staff:
Train staff before the party
Arrange the specific and detailed task and responsibilities to everyone staff
Remind staff to direct attendees to emergency exit or shelter
Check with staff about the general condition of the emergency
Candles ----> Lights
In addition:
If have to use candles:
Keep burning candle away from items that could ignite
(e.g. alcohol bar, curtains, decorations)
Never leave burning candles unattended
Picking flame-retardant materials (e.g. nylon, polyester)
Prevent pets or children from safety pitfalls (e.g. knocking down burning candle)
1. Event and Venue Information
2. Contact List
Office Information
497 Broadway, Room 302, Providence RI, 02914
Phone: 401-441-2255
Fax: 401-441-3355

Mr. Alex Xie
Chief Executive
Email: alexxie@hotmail.com
Phone: 401-589-0878

Miss Quincy Wang
Security Administrator
Email: quincywrr@gmail.com
Phone: 401-550-5151

Miss Kaylee Young
Development Manager
Email: ky@yahoo.com
Phone: 718-258-2358

Miss Cece Li
Email: wanlu.1002@hotmail.com
Phone: 401-440-6595
3.Critical Operating Calendar
4. Communication
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