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Wants and Needs

No description

Kiely Morreo

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Wants and Needs

Wants and Needs
Goods and Services

Lets Review!
1. How are needs different from wants?

2. What is one good found in your community?

3. What is one service found in your community?

A need is something you have to have in order to survive, such as food, water, and shelter.
They help us function from day to day.
Lets Review
Wants and Needs
Wants are things that you would like to have, but can survive without them.
An example would be tv's, computers, ipad's, and iphones.
They may be nice to have but without them you will be just fine!
Human wants are unlimited.

Is sleeping a want or a need?
It is a need because without sleep you can't function.

Do you need ice cream and candy to survive? Or can you live without it?
Is ice cream and candy a want or a need?
Is air a need or a want?
It is a need

Now that we know what wants and needs are we will now learn about goods and services
Goods are objects that can be touched or held that satisfy people's wants.
They are things that we can buy and are bought and traded all over the world.
Department stores, toy stores, and grocery stores are some examples of store that sell goods.

Some examples of goods and services is cars, clothes, and movies
What are some reasons we buy goods?
For Fun
To get around
To live
Services are jobs that workers do to help other people.
Services are activities that satisfy people's wants and needs
Teachers, Doctors,
Dentist, and Mailmen

What are some reasons why we have services?
For Fun
For Convenience
For Our Needs
Goods And Services
In every community there are goods and services available for purchase
Some jobs produce goods and others produce services
Is this a good
or a service?
Is this a good or a service?
Is this a good
or a service?
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