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Aboriginal Policy-Ministry of Children and Family Development

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Jessica Day

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Aboriginal Policy-Ministry of Children and Family Development

Aboriginal Policy
-Policy & Practice

MCFD Provincial Services: 6 Service Lines
APPF: Aboriginal Policy and Practice Framework in BC
Critical Questions
How have you ensured that the language in policy does not disadvantage, exclude or reinforce inequitable structures for Indigenous People?

What steps have been taken to ensure Indigenous people are meaningfully engaged throughout each phase of the policy development process? Are you involving the appropriate key people?

What steps have you personally taken to ensure you have acquired the cultural knowledge, awareness, and skills to adequately provide culturally relevant and safe policy and practice?

Aboriginal Policy Team
In Practice...
Niimikwenimaa miiyaagi anishinaabeg onjibaawaad izhinikaaziwaad Lekwungen, Esquimalt, Songhees, miinwaa WESANEC, omaa’akiing

Aboriginal Equity and Inclusion Policy Lens
Child Welfare Policy Team
Permanency & Quality Assurance Team
Early Years

Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN)

Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH)

Child Safety, Family Support and Children in Care


Youth Justice
Our Policy Branch
Develops policy & provides policy support for child and family services including:

voluntary services
children in care
children and youth with complex care needs
youth services
child protection
Develops quality assurance policies across ministry service delivery areas

Supports QA operations (Provincial Director of Child Welfare) on QA policy interpretation and training initiatives
Permanency and adoption--including research on other forms of permanency such as custom adoption
We initiate, lead, and coordinate the development, review, and revision of policy across Ministry to support the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives
Grand Chief Ed John Recommendations
Aboriginal Family Court Pilot Project
Aboriginal Policy and Practice Framework (APPF)
Inclusion of Aboriginal Equity and Inclusion Policy Lens across service lines
FPT engagement through working groups
Jordan's Principle
Aboriginal Service Innovations--Early Years (ASI-EY)
Holds contract for Provincial Advisors for Aboriginal Infant Development and Aboriginal Supported Child Development
we are busy bees!
Our many projects include...
Some Facts...

-The APPF was released in 2013, with a goal to support and integrate Indigenous perspectives into
policy areas within MCFD

-APPF is intended to be an overarching framework that will guide policy makers to provide culturally relevant, restorative and collaborative policies, programs, and curriculum

Key Components of the APPF
- Strength based

- Focus on restorative and collaborative practices--e.g. using a circle model for consultations and meetings

- Collective responsibility to understand colonial history and it's influence on the present and future

- Emphasis on reconciliation, respect, consistency, and inclusion

- Provides tools, lens', and training that will guide policy makers
Policy and Provincial Services Division
Children and Youth with Special Needs, Autism & Early Years Policy Branch

Child Welfare, Permanency, Quality Assurance & Aboriginal Policy

Child and Youth Mental Health Policy Branch

Legislation, Litigation & Appeals Branch

Provincial Services

Strategic Policy, Research and Engagement Branch
Link to APPF
Contact info:

Lise LeLievre: Lise.LeLievre@gov.bc.ca
Work: 250-356-2777

Jessica Day: Jessica.Day@gov.bc.ca
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