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Sweet, Sour and Crunchy

Anja Nygaard

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Pickles

Pickles Sour,Sweet and Crunchy Types of Pickles Gherkin - Gherkin are small cucumbers. The Gherkin is different type of cucumber than the standard Dill. Cornichon - Cornichon is a french tart pickle. Brined pickles - Brined Pickles is a very salty pickle. The Brined Pickle holds 20-40 liters of salt. There is no vinegar in the process of branding. Kosher dill (US) - Kosher Dill Pickles are the first type of pickle made. The are stored in brine for a very long time. They were developed in Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Poland for hundreds of years. Polish - There are two different types of Polish Pickles. One is called "Little Salty Pickle and the other is called "Little Sweet Pickle. Polish Pickles were canned and barreled than jarred. Hungarian - Hungarian Pickles don't use vinegar/brine instead they use yeast/bread to ferment the pickles. After they put pickles in the jar they put yeast and leave it there in the sun. Then the bread will rise and pickles will be seasoned. Lime - Lime Pickles are soaked in Lime Juice instead of vinegar brine.The use Lime instead of Vinegar so that the pickles will be crispy .After the pickles are soaked in lime for 24 hours they then rinse off the lime juice and add in Vinegar, Sugar and Pickling Spices. Bread and butter - Bread and Butter Pickles are sweeter than other because they add sweetener to the brine. Swedish and Danish - Swedish Pickles are thinly sliced and pressed down so they can remove the water inside them. Danish Pickles are like Swedish Pickles but are used in more foods like: Salads, Chicken, Meat Dishes and Danish Hotdogs. Kool-Aid pickles - Kool-Aid Pickles are kids favorite pickles in the Southern United States. The pickles are rolled in Kool-Aid Powder and Soaked in Pickle Brine. Pickling Spices
Ingredients Salt Garlic Horseradish Whole Dill Stems Green Seeds White Mustard Seeds Grape Oak Blackcurrant Bay Laurel Leave Serving Pickles may be used as a condiment on a...

Hamburgers, Sandwiches and Hotdogs for Pickle Relish.

Soured Cucumbers are also for meatloaf.

In Russia and Ukraine, pickles are used in rassolnik: a traditional soup.

At fairs and carnivals they have Deep Fried Pickles.

In Europe they even have Pickle Juice. Vinegar
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