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Patrick McCready

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Chile

CHILE By Patricio
McCready La Bandera y
La Historia Rojo es por las patriotas de Chile. Azul es por el cielo de Chile. Blanco es por la nieve en las montanas de Andes. Chilean
Anthem Ramon Carncier was the composer of the music. Eusebillo Lillo wrote the words of the song. The song was established on December 23rd 1828. La Geografia Unos Seneros Populares Un Parque es Torres del Paine. El segundo atraccion es un monumento natural del Morado. Natural Resources Most of the resources come from mines like iron ore, copper, and coal. Other resources include nitrates, precious metals,
timber, and hydropower. Major Exports in 2002 are as follows: Chile's economy runs on the exportation of copper and other materials. Population The Diversity The population consists of Mestizo, European, and Native Americans. The Mestizo are 66% of the population while the Europeans and Native Americans are 25 and 7% Indigenous Groups The Indigenous people of Chile are descendents of the Incas and are called Mapuche. The Density The average population density of Chile is 17 per square kiliometer. The overall population of Chile is 16.6 million people. The Government Type: Republic President: Sebastian PIÑERA La Historia Formaron a una junta nacional adentro por el nombre de Fernando el 18 de septiembre de 1810. La guerra continuó encendido hasta 1817. Un ejército dirigido por Bernardo O'Higgins, patriota más renombrados de Chile, cruzó los Andes a Chile y derrotó a los realistas (los españoles). El 12 de febrero en 1818, O' Higgins proclamó que Chile era un país independiente bajo su dirección. Como resultado de la revolución, el 18 de septiembre, la población de Chile celebra Día de la Independencia. Esta lleva a qué fue llamada el ' Reconquista' , una revolución de la población de Chile. Él era Chile' el jefe de es primer de estado y lleva las fuerzas revolucionarias a la victoria de España en 1817. Después de su término como jefe de estado, lo exiliaron a Perú y vivió el resto de sus días en paz. La persona famosa que cambió Chile era Bernardo O' Higgins. Current Events Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Another earthquake hit Chile on late Monday, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has reported. It occurred at 19:09:43 local time (23:09:43 UTC). The epicenter was located 110 kilometers northwest of Temuco; 132 kilometers southwest of Concepción; 203 kilometers north of Valdivia and 558 kilometers southwest of Santiago.
The USGS later determined that the earthquake had a depth of 20.6 kilometers, and the epicenter was located 55 kilometers to the south of Lebu.
The University of Chile Geological Survey reported that the earthquake took place 71 kilometers at the west of Tirúa in the Bío Bío Region and had a depth of 22.9 kilometers.
Wikinews' Diego Grez reported that the earthquake was clearly felt in Pichilemu, almost 300 kilometers to the north of the epicenter. ONEMI reported no casualties. The area is being monitored by the organization. It has been reported that some telephone lines have collapsed after the earthquake. More than two months after the major 8.8 earthquake, many people continue to live in tents or temporary huts.
Thursday, May 20, 2010
The Surf Championship Competition, "Ceremonial Quiksilver Pichilemu 2010", took place on Wednesday in the Chilean city nicknamed "Capital of the Surf", Pichilemu. Waves nine meters high or larger were predicted in Punta de Lobos, 6 kilometers from the urban centre of Pichilemu.
Some of the most important surfers were in the championship, the South African Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Hawaiians Jamie Sterling and Mark Healey, as well as the Chilean Ramón Navarro, who won the Master Drop award last December, the 10-meters "hellish wave" in Hawaii. The weather conditions in Pichilemu have been fine recently and the tides are optimum.
"This Championship will be one of the best in the big waves circuit. We will see huge waves, like the ones that made Diego Medina [another Chilean competitor] to win Billabong XXL [...] Many of the surfers there have never seen waves like the ones of this 2010 Championship [...] I'm prepared and anxious," said Ramón Navarro to La Nación, some minutes before the competition started.
The competitors accorded to donate US$15,000 (almost 16 million pesos) to help people affected in the Pichilemu area after the February 27 earthquake. The final prize is of US$30,000.
The competitors are the following, by class: first class: Carlos Burle (Brazil), "Twiggy" Baker (South Africa), Jamie Sterling (United States), Cristián Merello (Chile), Ismael Herreros (Chile) and Alejandro Martínez (Chile); second class: Mark Healey (United States), Danilo Couto (Brazil), Marcos Monteiro (Brazil), Fernando Zegers (Chile), Pato Texeira (Brazil) and Reinaldo Ibarra (Chile); third class: Peter Mel (United States), Kohl Christensen (United States), Ramón Navarro (Chile), Cristóbal González (Chile), Fabián Farías (Chile) and Santiago Di Pace (Argentina); fourth class: Diego Medina (Chile), Greg Long (United States), Gabriel Villarán (Peru), León Vicuña (Chile), Anthony Tashnick (United States) and Ben Wilkerson (United States).
The final charts were:
1Cristián Merelló Pichilemu, Chile
2Gabriel Villarán Peru
3Peter Mel USA
4Jamie Sterling USA
5Mark Healey USA
6Greg Long USA
From the 24 surfers, just six contested the final of the championship. The Peruvian Gabriel Villarán obtained the second place, meanwhile the most-known Ramón Navarro, just managed to reach semifinals.
The final phase of the competition lasted after 45 minutes. Merelló managed to pass one of the giant waves perfectly. Diego Medina, also Chilean, received the Big Drop and Surf Spirit awards, recognizement given by the other competitors.
More than a thousand people went to Punta de Lobos to attend the championship, one of them the Mayor of Pichilemu, Roberto Córdova, with some O'Higgins Sernatur (National Tourism Service) authorities.
However, the tour hasn't ended, and the beaches of California, Peru, South Africa and Hawaii are left. Volunteers collaborate in reconstruction of Lolol,
Saturday, May 22, 2010
Today, the day of the National Monuments of Chile, a group of volunteers from Santiago travelled to Lolol, a town located in O'Higgins Region. Lolol, named National Monument of Chile in October 2003, was severely damaged after the major February earthquake; the Church of the town, widely known as one of the oldest in Chile, is currently being restored.
"Their attitude is a clear sample of the conscience and love of the Chileans with their legacy, patrimony, especially after the earthquake," said the Executive Clerk of the National Monuments Council of Chile, Óscar Acuña, who appreciated their collaboration.
Previously, 35 students of Tourism in the Technical Formation Center of the Los Leones Institute, were working in Lolol, between April 30 and May 1, helping to clean up the damage caused by the earthquake.
The famous musical group, Bafona, also visited Lolol, and a few other towns that were damaged by the earthquake. Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Heavy rains have started on Wednesday early morning through the most of central and southern Chile. At least 29 millimeters were reported by ONEMI in the Bío Bío Region in Wednesday morning; thirteen milimeters in Temuco and 8.8 in Chillán. It has been worsened by the low temperatures. The rains have affected thousands of people that lost their homes after the great 8.8 earthquake and subsequent tsunami earlier this year. In Chiguayante, firefighters emptied a camp that was completely inundated by the rains. It is expected that the downfalls will provoke chills and respiratory problems in children and the elderly. The rains have damaged some roads in Pichilemu, Wikinews' Diego Grez reported.

President Sebastián Piñera has visited some locations affected by the rains, including Chocholgue, San Pedro de La Paz, Constitución, and Maule. People told him and Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter that the mediaguas, or small houses, given out by the government don't block out the water and humidity. There are also people that haven't received tents or mediaguas yet. The government announced that ambulances will constantly patrol the cities.

Meanwhile, an earthquake hit the area, with the epicenter offshore of Maule, 65 kilometers northwest of Cauquenes, at 11:24 am local time (15:24 UTC), with a depth of 30.1 kilometers. The USGS reported the quake measured magnitude 4.9, although the University of Chile Geological Survey reported it as 6.1. There was no tsunami warning.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The U.S. Embassy is in Chile's capital, SantiagoA Pakistani man, identified as Muhammad Saif-ur-Rehman Khan, 28, was arrested in Chile on Monday after he was found with traces of explosives in the US Embassy.

Chilean police say that traces of Tetryl, used to help detonate explosives, were detected. Yesterday a judge ordered Khan's continued detention under anti-terrorism laws.

It has been reported that Khan was in Chile for four months, and was called to the embassy to be told that his visa for the US was revoked. A US official told Reuters that "based on the information that we had, we revoked his visa." The official declined to give the reason behind the decision, saying only that "[we] are required to notify individuals when we take that action and we invited him in."

Khan spoke briefly to Chilean journalists and denied he was a terrorist or that he was handling explosives. "I've never seen anything like this in my life," he said, claiming that the US "just want to hide the damage they have caused to Iraq and Afghanistan."

This is not the first incident involving explosives at the US Embassy in Santiago; after the September 11 attacks of 2001, the embassy was sent a letter bomb that was defused.

El Dinero y Cambio Es un Chilean Peso de Cinco Mil Pesos Un dolare de Estados Unidos es un valo de cinco vente-nueve en Chilean Pesos. Product Labels Symbols of Chile These are the symbols of Chile and they include the Flag, the Coat of Arms, and the National Flower and National Rock. Una Persona Famosa Una Persona Famosa es Sebastián Piñera, una presidente de Chile. Piñera nació en Santiago, Chile. Está casado a la Morilla de Cecilia y tiene a cuatro niños: Magdalena, Cecilia, Sebastián y Cristóbal. Tiene un grado de estudiante universitario en la Economía de la Universidad católica de Chile así como un Maestro y de PhD en este sujeto de la Universidad de Harvard. Es el propietario de Chilevisión, un canal chileno de televisión; el presidente de LAN Chile, una línea aérea chilena; y es un director de tabla de varias compañías chilenas mayores. Chilean Food Recipe I will be bringing in this dish for our "Fiesta". Anuncio
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