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Parent Presentation, Grade 6-7 Options 2015-2016

Parent Presentation for Grade 6-7 Options, Thursday January 15, 2015. Location: Room 4 at BICS. Many of the photos are from Jeff Morales.

Scott Slater

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Parent Presentation, Grade 6-7 Options 2015-2016

Grade 6/7 Options
2 options
Outdoor Education
Some Inquiry & Discipline Based
Team Sports
RTI - Student Support
Combined Classes; "A,B" years
Music & Band
Culture of BICS
Promotion Ceremony
Social & Personal Responsibility
Math, LA, SS, Sc.
Parent as
In what ways is Bowen Island an Island?
Why do organisms adapt?
What does it mean to be Canadian?
Why do people choose to live where they do?
to School
Five 6-7 week long units
Integrate SS, Sc., LA and other subjects when possible
Big Ideas: Relationships & Identity
Enduring Understandings: learn about discipline and transferable ideas
Essential Questions: elicit exploration of topics
Grade 7 Curriculum, 2013-2014; Grade 6 Curriculum 2014-2015; Grade 7 Curriculum, 2015-2016
Process, Timeline
What interests you about outside45?
Based on the criteria described for a successful candidate, why do you think you are well suited for this academy?
What do you hope to gain from the program?
Timeline, Process
$1 400 per year
What for? Field experiences, communal gear, associated expenses (first aid training + supplies)
First payment due upon acceptance into program
Financial Assistance
Personal Gear - Some parents paid $0 and others paid $600. Supplies: http://go45.sd45.bc.ca/schools/bowenisland/Documents/Required%20Student%20Items.pdf
All students are expected to commit for one year.
If program and student are clearly not a match, student may be withdrawn with financial penalty (only to cover planned costs) determined by administrators
Who? Student
Enjoys time outdoors in all weather and seasons; grit
Interest in kayaking, backpacking, snowshoeing, camping
Interest in environment
and sustainability
Interest in Bowen Island & South Coast
Independent Learner
Responsive to an inquiry-based approach
Socially & Personally Responsible
Decision based on program, not anticipated teacher
Wants to be a program builder
Who? Family
Interested in environment and sustainability
Provide transportation and supervision for day or extended field experiences
Will work cooperatively with other parents
Share experience, expertise and enthusiasm
Wants to be a program builder - Program Builders Meetings
Selection, Configuration
Student-Program Match
Mix of 6s and 7s, boys & girls
Configure one or two cohorts
When we determine the number of applicants, the process for admittance will be confirmed in consultation with District Staff:
Committee will select the most suitable candidates
Committee will select suitable candidates and create a candidate pool then do a random draw with consideration of gender and grade ratios
Combination of above options; select some students, random draw from pool for others
Regardless of process, it is important to know that some applicants may not be successful either because they are not suited to the program or because there is not sufficient space.
1.Explain options + build student profile
Fall Outside:
Hiking & Camping, Bow-Isle, Garibaldi
Bamfield TBC

Love Winter:
Snowshoeing, Camping, Cross Country Skiing

Welcome Spring:
Paddling Trip
South Coast TBD
A "typical week"
Mon-Tuesday: Site-Based Days
Math, French, Music, Band, PE, Team Sports
Wednesday: Field Experiences
Some Thursdays: Community Connections
Friday: Math instruction, debrief Community Connections, prepare for week ahead, inquiry time
January 15th Parent Meeting; Applications Accepted
Thursday February 5th, 11AM, Application Deadline
Mid February, Interviews
March 2nd Unsuccessful and Successful Applicants Notified
April 15th - First Payment Due - $200
May 20th - Second Payment Due - $200
September 1st 2015 - Monthly Payments begin at $100
Failure to adhere to this timeline means a student may not be registered in outside45.
Jeff Morales
Jeff Morales
Social & Personal Responsibility
Tech & Art
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