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Memento mori_final version

For presentation on July 9 (Midori, Yasu, Ryo, Hiro, Yuki, Yuri , Yukari, Takumi and Sanae)

sanae hara

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Memento mori_final version

Memento mori
1. What to do for your funeral
1. http://en-park.net/topics/endingnote
You can learn how to write your ending note.
Here's the essays about what to write.

by Judy MacDonald Johnston
“Prepare for a good end of life”
2. http://www.ted.com/talks/judy_macdonald_johnston_prepare_for_a_good_end_of_life.html
3. TED TALK by Steve Jobs
“How to live before your die”
3. http://www.ted.com/talks/steve_jobs_how_to_live_before_you_die.html
4. Article about a research paper
“The Secret to a Long Life Is…
Thinking About Death”
4. http://m.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/05/the-secret-to-a-long-life-is-thinking-about-death/257675/
5. TV program about "ending note"
5. http://www.nhk.or.jp/sakidori/backnumber/121007.html
This is a website of funeral company that produced Mr.Tesuo Kaneko’s funeral,
The site contains Mr.kaneko’s last message too.

6. Mr. Tetsuo Kaneko
"The way I die -
my 500 day-ending diary"
6. http://sougi.bestnet.ne.jp/miyazaki-tokyo/topics.html
7. Yuki's experience
I had an amazing experience in writing
my ending note.

Before I write, I thought the ending note
would be just useful because it would tell
what to do after I die to my family. Also
I expected that I would feel sad by writing
this. But that was totally wrong.

After writing my ending note, I felt that
I would like to enjoy my life and I have to
be gentle to others. That’s AMAZING
I couldn’t imagine!!!

1. There is a good tool, an ending note, to make it easier for us to think about end of life.
2. Thinking about end of life makes us realize that our time is not forever, and that feeling makes us gentle to other people. We can find papers saying that is true.
3. Writing the ending note helps us feel relieved. We don't feel worry about many complicated matters related to our death.
a) you can leave the message to your family or friends.
b) if you are to receive the ending note, you can feel and understand what
the person who passed away had been thinking and feel the person close
to you.
4. We will see that thinking about end of life is not scary, but positive way
to design own life.

8. What is great about thinking about end of life?

I think about death
not for dying, but to live.
by Andre Malraux
Memento mori
"Remember that
we will die someday."
(1) scary
(2) bad luck
(3) not for me, I'm young
You don't want to think about death because it's...
Death is not the end of life,
but the completion of your story.
by Martin Luther
Thinking about death
(1) is scary?
makes happy feeling!
Thinking about death is
(2) bad luck?
able to promote
(a) helping and kind behavior
(b) healthy behavior
nobody knows
what will happen tomorrow.
Thinking about death is
(3) not for young people?
Tetsuo Kaneko
The number of death in 2010 (0 - 39 years old)
24,429 young people died in one year
Answers to the audience
Think about end of life
to complete it as you wish.
Ending note
Get business matters and emotional matters ready
with a good tool.
what should we write?

Brain death
Organ transplant
3 merits of the ending note
(1) Your family can get money
(2) You can leave your messages
(3) You can look back on your life
Where can we get the ending note?
free file
Facing end of life will help us
complete our stories.

The Japanese movie "IKIRU" (To Live)
A man found himself cannot live longer
Once lost his motivation in life
Try to find the meaning in life by
completing his final job, making
a city park for citizens
Died in peace, riding the swing
in the park he made
Examples: our experiences
Yuki's case:
My brother and I
Sanae's case:
My father and I
We've started talking about end of life, writing the ending note.
Plan, Prepare and Produce
to complete it as we wish.
our lives
July 9,2013
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