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Guard Dog

Guard dog project for Michigan Tech by Christon Harvey, Chris Edmonson, Josh Manard

christon harvey

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Guard Dog

The prototype build can solve security issue problems worldwide. With the help of Mindstorms NXT, we designed a Guard Dog. This Guard Dog will alert individuals if a door has been left open.
Guard Dog

Battery allows the robot to patrol their workplace for eight hours straight, which is the average work day of a regular human security guard.
Guard Dog is a patrol robot.

It patrols up to 40 hours per week, while recording real time video.

Reports suspicious conditions that it sees.
The MINDSTORMS NXT program was used to program the robot.
The ultrasonic sensor measures the distance of objects from the robot.
The sound sensor detects sounds of the environment.
The light sensor detects the lighting value.
Touch sensor to detect touch from a person or thing
A loop was used for repetition.
Guard Dog Project
Presented by:

Christon Harvey, Josh Manard and Davion Lucus
Sound Sensor
Dennis Thompson, Ciara Flennoy, and Galen Tyler

Louis Townsend, Armani Hudson, Dione Boyd, Michael Reese, and Dakhiri Williams
Mining Robot
Presented by: Maya Hood, Clarence Turner, and Daizaria Randle.
Groups consist of
Sound Sensor
If the amount of noise in a classroom or library is louder than the set threshold value, the robot will make a sound to alert the crowd to quiet down. This robot can also be used to limit the number of disruptions in test environments.
A loop was used for repeating movements.
A sound sensor to detect sound in the environment.
Sound-alert to alert people to lower their voices.
The Mining Robot was designed to detect objects.

This robot will be able to assist human workers in jobs involving mining, security, and possibly sanitary jobs.

The Ultrasonic prevents collision and blockage in the near area.
University of Chicago Charter School- Woodlawn Campus

Introduction to

The robot detects a room for cacophonies of sound.

The robot makes a sound to alert people if the environment is too loud.
Mining Robot
An Ultrasonic Sensor is used to detect the distance between two or more objects, once detected the robot reacts to the closest object by burrowing through it.
The Ultrasonic Mining Robot is globally relevant in many fields, primarily the fields of security and archeology. The sensor can detect objects and allows for work to be done in the closest, fastest and safest way. This also helps mining workers at mines.
The End
Thank You

Thank You
The University of Chicago Charter School
Engineering Class of 2012-13
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