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A Supermarket is like a Cell

No description

Adeena Sheraz

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of A Supermarket is like a Cell

A Supermarket is like a Cell!
The Manager is like the Nucleus...
In a cell, the nucleus controls all cell activity, like the brain, or the boss of the cell.

In a supermarket, the manager controls everything around the store, managing anything that is out of order, preventing chaos and restoring order all around the store. You could say that the manager is the head of the store.
The Front Doors are like the Cell Membrane
The cell membrane determines what goes in and out of the cell, making sure nothing comes in that isn't supposed to, and making sure that nothing important goes out. A supermarket's front doors also play the same role. They let people and things come inside, and they also let them slip outside. If something or someone tries to go out that isn't supposed to, they alarm the store to notify the manager that something isn't right.
Solar Panels are like Chloroplasts
Chloroplasts soak in energy from the sun to give a plant cell/cells energy and nourishment. Solar panels also provide energy and power to the supermarket using the sun's solar energy.
The Storage Rooms are like Vacuoles
Vacuoles store food, water, and metabolic and toxic
wastes. Storage rooms in a supermarket do just that; store food and merchandise from the store.
Customers and Employees are like the Endoplasmic Reticulum
In a cell, the endoplasmic reticulum carries material through cells.
Customers and employees play the role of an endoplasmic reticulum by
carrying products and merchandise up and about, around the
supermarket. When they buy it, it travels all around right up until their
The Trashcans are like Lysosomes
In a cell, lysosomes digest old cell parts and break down larger food molecules into smaller ones. Similarly, a dumpster or a garbage bin is usually used in a supermarket to throw away expired or useless merchandise.
Electricity is like Mitochondria
In a cell, mitochondria delivers energy and power to cells, and in a supermarket the electricity plays the role of mitochondria by providing the supermarket with energy and power through the means of electricity.
The Supermarket's foundation and building is like the Cytoskeleton
The cytoskeleton strenghtens the cell and maintains its' shape. The foundation and building itself of the supermarket strengthens the walls and prevents it from falling, so they are similar.
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