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invader zim

No description

stephen schade

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of invader zim

INVADER ZIM the tallest the leaders of the erkins are the tallest because they are taller then everyone else, the tallest wear hover belts because they don't have to walk because they are tall there are two tallest red and purple and they are both the same heighth costumes all erkins have costumes to blend in with the other spiecies living on that planet so they can conquer it... zim's coustume isn't very convincing but most people in the show are eather to stupid to notice or just dont care and gir is suppose to be a dog but because of zim's glichy gear gir is green ZIM Zim is an erkin who was sent to an unknown planet, Earth to supposedly conquer, he also messed up operation empending doom 1 and was banished but he quit when he found out about operation empending doom 2 GIR gir is zim's little "evil" robot but does not tend to do what hes told because he's not an actual "sir" unit he was built with whatever was in the tallest pocket at the time wich was some pocket lint, a few paper clips and a gum ball and his body parts where found in a garbage can operation empending doom 2 operation empending doom 2 is the tallest attempt to take over the universe again because zim messed up operation empendig doom 1 and he will probably mess this one up also Thank You 4 Watcing My Prezi
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