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Grammatical syllabus

No description

Liliana Montoya

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Grammatical syllabus

Grammatical syllabus
Theoretical perspectives
- The grammatical syllabus has been defined as one which consists of a list of grammatical items selected and graded in terms of simplicity and complexity (Nunan, 1988)

Main characteristics
This is the most common form of syllabus in which grammar structures are presented in order of skill level and usefulness, leading to a general understanding of the grammar system.
Steps designers should follow to create a syllabus using this approach

1. Develop a well-grounded rationale for your course.
2. Decide what you want students to be able to do as a result of taking your course, and how their work will be appropriately assessed.
3. Define and delimit course content.
4. Structure your students’ active involvement in learning.
5. Identify and develop resources.
6. Compose your syllabus with a focus on student learning.

- Wilkins (1976:2) defined this
kind of approach as synthetic.
- Language rules are learned in a linear fashion and learners
should demonstrate complete mastery of one rule before
moving on to the next (Nunan, 2001)

- ¨Grammar is a liberating force¨( Cullen, 2008: 222)
The selection and grading of the content is based on the complexity and simplicity of grammatical items.
Audio-lingual Method or Grammar Translation Method
The three lexical items dog, eat, and meat can be combined in a variety of ways to signal different meanings, such as:

a) The dog is eating the meat.
b) The dog ate the meat.
c) The dog has eaten the meat.
d) A dog must have eaten the meat.
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