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The Maze Runner

No description

Sara Kalina

on 1 September 2011

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner By James Dashner (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr James Dashner James Dashner was born and raised in Georgia. He grew up with 5 brothers and sisters. He went to Brigham Young University and got a degree in accounting and is a financial analyst, but greatly enjoys writing. He currently lives in Utah with two children and his wife. He is also the author of The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, 13th Reality, and many more. This presentaion was created by: Sara Kalina Summary Thomas, the main character, wakes up cold, frightened, and alone in a metal box. All he can remember is his name, nothing else. When the box reaches an opening he is pulled out of it by a bunch of boys who inform him that he had arrived to the Glade. Start Vocabulary List Glade- The tall living space of all the Gladers. It is an equivalent to a farm. It is surrounded by huge walls with four openings. These openings lead the Gladers out into a maze. The walls of the maze move every night so there is never the same maze two days in a row. The four openings shut at night to protect the Gladers from the Grievers.

Gladers- The name of all the people who is a citizen of the Glade

The Changing- A process which is encountered when someone is stung by a Grievers. This process allows the Glader to reach into their memories, but only for a few hours, it also causes the Glader to get incredibly sick and potentially go insane.

Runner- A person with high authority whose job is to run the maze and record its patterns.

Grievers- Ignoramus, slimy, robot like, monsters which live and stalk the maze. They attempt to sting Gladers, because if the Gladers are stung and do not get ther serum in time, they will die.

Serum- An antibiotic to help someone if they are stung by a Griever, but the side effects make that person go through the changing.

Stung- The Grievers have large needles throughout their bodies and when they sting a person they inject them with a venom that can kill the Gladers.

Creators- The term the Gladers use for the people who sent them to the Glade. He meets one of the leaders of the group, Newt. Newt is very comical and tries to easy Tom's fears with his humor. Newt then introduces Tom to the main leader, Alby. Alby is a very strict person who keeps the Glade running smoothly. They both decide to have Chuck, a goofy glader, show Tom around and help him settle in. The next day something very strange happens, the alarm goes off letting the Gladers know that something will be arriving in the Glade. So far the only thing to enter the Glade has been supplies and boys. To everyone’s surprise a girl arrives and her name is Teresa. When she arrives she says that she is the last person and supply to enter the Glade and that she has triggered the ending. Once she delivers her message, she falls into a deep coma. After her arrival nearly the entire Glade has turned against Tom and blamed him for everything going wrong. He then has to fight to gain the Gladers trust, especially Gally, a Glader who went through the changing and saw Tom there. Tom feels like he is experiencing déjà vu and requests to be a Runner. His request is quickly rejected since the Runners were the most respected people at the Glade and earned the right to be one. At the end of the day the Runners return from the maze without their leaders Minho amd Alby. There is only seconds to spare before the doors close and the Gladers can see Mihno struggling to return, carrying Alby on his back because he was stung by a Griever. Tom decides to run into the maze to help Mihno and Alby, but they do not return the maze in time and end up having to spend the night in the maze. During their night in the maze Mihno yells at Tom for entering and then decides that they should spilt up. Tom, nervous and scared uses the vines on the wall of the maze to lift up Alby and himself to try and hide from the Grievers. It works for a while but then a Griever comes by, spots them, and starts to climb the wall. Tom leaves Alby on the wall and starts to run from the Griever. He meets up with Mihno and they trick the Grievers into attacking each other. During their flee from the Grievers they spot a cliff that the Grievers enter from and go back into, which ends up being where they stay during the day. The Gladers named that area the Griever Hole. Tom, Mihno, and Alby make it through the night and return to the Glade safely the next day. After there return the Gladers discuss what they should do with Tom. When he entered the maze he broke the number one rule and that was punishable by death. They end up making him a Runner and he finds out that the Glade and maze were placed there by a company called WICKED. They are puting the Gladers through a series of tests and trials, and that the final test is to solve the maze. The Runners have studied the maze for a long period of time, recording their section of the maze every day, and comparing it to the previous days hoping to find an answer of how to escape. Teresa and Tom have a telepathic connection and once she awakes from her coma she and Tom start to talk a lot about their experiences. Tom is frightened about his gift and does not want to inform the other Gladers. Teresa eventually convinces Tom that WICKED is a good company and that the maze was meant to be solved. Once Alby recovers from the serum he is not fully himself. He tells Tom that he saw him in the changing. So far every Glader that went through the changing sees Tom and that frustrates him. Tom intentionally goes out in the maze and gets stung by a Griever to get a sense of his purpose of being sent to the Glade and who he really is. During the changing Tom learns that he and Teresa helped design the maze, and that in order to slove the maze they have to put the sketches of the same day together and trace it on wax paper. After a while the maze patterns spell out the words, FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF, PUSH, which needed to be entered into a computer that lies in the Griever hole off the cliff. The Gladers that choose to follow the plan leave with Tom and they fight to get to the Griever hole. Many die including their leader Alby. Once the code is entered they meet the Creators of the maze. Gally starts to go crazy and attempts to murder Tom, but Chuck dives in front of Tom taking the knife that Gally threw at Tom, and sacrifices himself to save Tom. Then a bunch of people enter the warehouse and kill the Creators. These people tell the Gladers that they have come to save them. The group of people are against the ideas of WICKED and tell the Gladers to enter a bus. During their bus trip they go through the Scortch, which is an extremely dangerous part of the world, they see that the world is coming to an end and that it is being destroyed by sun flares. These flares cause a deadly disease that make people go crazy and WICKED created these tests and trials to chose the best of the best through natural selection to cure this disease. The Gladers are informed that they have to find a cure for the disease. Once they reach the safe house they are given food and shelter for the night, wondering what would happen the next day. Finish Theme Leadership Maturity Individualism Innocence In the story The Maze Runner leadership plays a huge theme in the book. Tom, the main character is thrown into the Glade and is forced to make huge decisions that determine not only the outcome of his life, but of the rest of the Gladers. Tom uses what is left of his foggy memory to step up and help the Gladers solve the maze and escape the Glade. Without Tom’s creative thinking and high pressure decision making skills the Gladers would have never made it out of the Glade alive. Another important theme of this book is individualism. Before Tom the rest of the Gladers, once they arrived, adapted to the swing of things in order to maintain the Glade. Tom went against this society and refused to adapt. He knew that if they wanted to escape they were going to have to start to make huge changes. Tom distinguished himself to be different from everyone else and grew comfortable with his abnormalities, like his ability to telepathically speak to Teresa. Along the way his individualism did cause him to create enemies like Gally, who did not approve of Tom just entering the Glade and taking over. That is how individualism is a huge theme of the book, The Maze Runner. A third theme of the story The Maze Runner is maturity. Tom is sent into the Glade through a metal box and once he arrives he is surrounded by a bunch of people he doesn’t know and he has no memory of who he is or where he came from. He quickly went into survival mode and grew up within a day. He put away all of his fears of being in an unknown place with unknown people and convinced himself that he needed to do what it takes to survive. Not only did Tom have to do this, the rest of the Gladers did too. Tom matures into a leader over the course of the book by not only just sharing his ideas and expressing his ideas but he learned to listen to others and trust their opinions as well. That shows how maturity is an significant theme in the book, The Maze Runner. A final theme of the book The Maze Runner is innocence. Tom and Teresa have an innocent love connection. The reader starts to see this once it is revealed they can telepathically speak. Their relationship starts to develop and Tom gets nervous when he talks to Teresa and becomes very concerned for her well being. His actions show how their relationship is innocent because he never attempts to make advances on her and it helps remind the reader that the characters in this book are 13-14 year old children and that they are innocent. That is how the story The Maze Runner displays the theme of innocence. Recommendation I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It is a great book to read especially if you do not enjoy reading. I personally do not enjoy reading for fun but once I started reading this book, I could not stop. It throws you right into the action and you get thrown into the plot immediately. James Dashner, the author, does a great job keeping your attention and just when you think you figured out the plot he throws you for a loop. This is a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. “All the same, Thomas now had a plan. As bad as it was, he had a plan. They needed more clues about the code. They needed memories. So he was going to get stung by a Griever. Go through the Changing. On purpose.” (291) Favorite Paragraph This is my favorite paragraph because it completely describes Tom as a human being. He knows that he holds the answers to escape the maze through his memories and he knows that he needs to access them. He comes to the only conclusion he can think of, logical or not, that he has to get stung by a Griever and purposely go through the most intense pain and sickness he will ever face, the Changing. This paragraph shows how intelligent Tom is for thinking of this plan, how mature he is for going through with it, and how selfless he is because even if he gets the memories he needs, there still is a very good chance they will die after he survives the Changing. That is why this is my favorite paragraph. Bibliography "3D Concept Rendering Depicting Individualism And Uniqueness,.. 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