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Stem-Changing Verbs

Spanish presentation on stem-changing verbs

Cj Wills

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Stem-Changing Verbs

By: CaMbRiA STEM-CHANGERS What are stem-changing verbs? If you remember from before, a stem (in a regular verb) is the root of the word and the part that doesn't change. EX: Hablar: To talk
-ar: Habl Hablo Hablamos Hablas Habla Hablan This is our stem However, these verbs are the only ones who's stems change during conjugation. Hence the name "STEM-CHANGERS" To make your life more complicated, there are two more groups of stem-changing verbs. "BOOT" Verbs "SHOE" Verbs and "BOOT" Verbs Boot verbs are the most common of the stem-changers. If you can figure these ones out, you don't have much to worry about. The Four Groups: There are four groups of Stem-Changers. The group that they fall in controls how the stems of the word change. E - I E - IE O - UE U - UE In this group the "e" in
the stem changes to an "i" In this group the "e"
in the stem changes to
"ie" In this group the "o"
in the stem changes to
"ue" In this group the "u" in
the stem changes to
"ue". This is the least
common group EX: E - I Verbs Repetir: To repeat -ir Repet The stem If there's more than one "e" in the stem, change the second one. Repito Repitas Repita Repetamos Repitan This box never changes E - IE Stem-changers Empezar: to start -ar Empez Empiezo Empiezas Empieza Empezamos Empiezan O - UE Stem-changers Dormir: to sleep -ir Dorm Duermo Duermes Duerme Dormimos Duermen U - UE Stem-changers Jugar: to play -ar Jug Juego Juegas Juega Jugamos Juegan How to conjugate boot verbs Decir: to say -ir Dec Digo Dices Dice Decimos Dicen Everything inside
of the boot-shaped box is
changed according to the verb. How to conjugate shoe-verbs There are only two shoe verbs, venir and tener. tengo tienes tiene tenemos tienen
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