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Solo Taxonomy

No description

Chris Higgie

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Solo Taxonomy

Solo Taxonomy
A five stage, systematic way of looking at how students THINK about a topic or subject.
The student has little or no understanding beyond the really obvious.
The student has ONE basic idea or a limited understating of facts but cannot effectively add to or comment on them.
The student has a clear grasp of factual knowledge. They can relate or comment on how and/or why things are done as they are.
The student can effectively synthesize facts and explanatory comment. They can relate or compare their factual knowledge and / or topic to other things.
Rather like a juggler who has two balls and drops them.
Ummm?? I can see it's a forest it has lots of trees.
Like a juggler who can juggle three balls in a simple way.
It's a forest. It has lots of trees and trees are quite useful.
Our metaphorical juggler can competently juggle a number of balls at one time.
It's a forest. It is made up of many trees. A tree is made up of roots ( that gather water and nutrients ), A trunk ( which we can use for wood ), branches and leaves.
Just like a juggler who can juggle several objects, talk to the audience while balancing.
Wood from forests is very useful. It can be used to build houses and furniture. It can be used to carve objects. It can be used to make paper...
Extended Abstract
The student can link and explain new, original or insightful ideas and make commanding, well supported connections between elements that are not obvious.
The educational equivalent of a juggler who can juggle oranges, a chainsaw, an axe and a firestick.
Even though some species of forest are very rare and in danger of extinction poorer countries and economies choose to allow deforrestation in order to earn money...
Forests are increasingly important to mankind as climate change makes its presence felt more and more...
Solo Taxonomy
NCEA Achieved
NCEA Merit
NCEA Excellence
NCEA Not Achieved
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