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Resedintial compound

No description

Heba Attia

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Resedintial compound

common trends
-land is divided into a block pattern depending on the site shape and conditions

- creating inner courts within the pattern providing social space for a group of blocks

-optimizing circulation within the pattern to create an easy vehicular circulation and and maximum pedestrian circulation
at urban scale
at unit scale
-The challenge here is find solutions for the usual housing needs (privacy, environment, units variety ....) those solutions shall satisfy the modern living requirements and create more interest in the properties.
Green City Housing Complex
at urban scale
at unit scale
-repeating the same three objects and interlinking them through a common yard

functional social bonds among the inhabitants
-clear hierarchy of public and semi-public spaces.
design process
the focus is turning the facades of the houses to one another we can achieve sufficient sun exposure without overheating them.
- providing variety of choices for flats' plans
parking garages were placed under the ground to meet the program's requirements
Apartment Blocks in Nanterre
at urban scale
at unit scale
-The project is a one block building houses residential and semi-public spaces

- The inner court concept is applied in different way in response to the block formation
-This concept started to gain popularity in Egypt. The main reason is the space saving so you don't need to waste the economically valuable land in landscaping another reason is using the lower two floors as commercial spaces which occupies the whole block area.
The facades vary according to their orientation and situation. The double skin of the south facade optimizes passive solar gain and the overhanging slabs serve the same purpose as awnings, protecting the interior from the sun.
-all units are treated to be environmentally protected

-all apartments overlooks the inner courts.

-The loggias (balconies) serve as internal / external areas of transition and as such, provide an opportunity to move around from room to room by different routes.
Urban Hybrid Housing
at urban scale
at unit scale
-this unique project which consist of 95 homes of 16 different types combines characteristics of city dwelling (central location, privacy, underground parking) with the characteristics of suburban life (gardens, multilevel living and a neighborhood community).

-The exterior of the block is a varied urban street front whilst the interior offers the quality of a green and intimate village. The interior of the block is divided into both private and public spaces
Each house or apartment will have its own façade color, emphasizing its individual ownership.

- Blending the urban life's activities with the residential areas.

- Creating new activities .... new solutions .... new way to life

- Design is a response to the site characteristics

- social interactions
at urban scale
at unit scale
- Environment friendly solutions

- Welfare for all
innovative approach
more case studies
online slides:

E2 / BIG architects:

Dong / BIG architects:

Project 8 / BIG architects:

one block buildings
housing complex:
more case studies




Punggol Macro development/ JDS
Housing Developments
Best practices and case studies
some of the units' plans
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