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Daniel Defoe

No description

Steven Elias

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe
Robinson Crusoe

Charlotte De Muyt
Frederic Borgmans
Steven Elias

Daniel Defoe
London, (1659-1661 ; age of 70-72)
James Defoe
Daniel Foe Daniel Defoe
father: Dissenter Church of England
graduated: Newington Green (Charles Morton)
English trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer, and spy
famous novel: Robinson Crusoe
travelled a lot bought a ship
married: Mary Tuffley
marriage: not perfect
2x 5x
Daniel Defoe
3 parts
father wants become middle-class guy
Robinson Crusoe: travel with ship
R.C. runs away
ship to Guiana
ship attacked by pirates; R.C. slave
Comparison between extract and grid opposing male and female writing:
life quest
Quote : (“but I would be satisfied with nothing but going to sea”)
R.C. and father talk about what is important in life:
find a good job
make use of certain opportunities
Quote :

Comparison between extract and grid opposing male and female writing:
Parts used in writing
part emotionally, part rationally tinted
R.C. talks with his feelings
father: tries convince R.C. with rational things
fragment = mostly sentimental feelings
feelings towards sea life quest
father: tries bring R.C. on other idea
R.C. wants to leave anyway
personal life and experiences
R.C. talks a lot about family
Quote :

written by man
many characteristics of women's writing
Comparison with the extract from Mary Astell :
can’t really compare both extracts
there is not really a relationship explained between men and women in our extract
role of women in society is not described in our fragment
R.C. plans escape
Portuguese ship Brazil
R.C. started plantation business
his companies decided to transport slaves
R.C. makes voyage to get the slaves
shipwreck occurs; R.C. only survivor
R.C. 27 years on island
in that time:
recreated his English life, building homes, learning how to cook, raise goats and crops
unhappy realized, had better life
R.C. observed cannibalistic savages eating prisoners
next time: save prisoner (Friday)
Friday became friend of R.C.
another ship: 3 prisoners (2 saved)
another ship: R.C. negotiated England
England: R.C. married + children
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