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Multicultural Project

Amanda Barboza

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of China

China flag The red represents revolution;
the five stars and their relationship
represent the unity of the Chinese
people under the leadership of the
Communist Party of China Civis The words for the national anthem
were written by Tian Han,
and the music was set by Nie Er
in 1935. Originally known as
the March of the Volunteers. anthem Contains a representation of Tiananmen Gate,
the entrance gate of the Forbidden City. Above
this representation are the five stars found on
the national flag. The largest star represents the
Communist Party of China, while the four smaller
stars represent the four social classes as defined in Maoism. shield Chinese cooking is one of the greatest methods of cooking.
Since ancient time, many factors that have influenced its
development. Cooking Chinese food requires more time and effort,
and is considered a very sophisticated art. As a result, many
travelers who have visited China consider Chinese cuisines one
of the best. food

Chinese clothing is the clothing, ancient
and modern, which the Chinese people wore.
Chinese clothing has varied by region and time,
and is recorded by the artifacts and arts of
Chinese culture. clothing As the world's population is approximately 6.7
billion, China represents a full 20% of the
world's population so one in every five people
on the planet is a resident of China. population Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures
of the world. The Chinese traditions and cultural
aspects vary among the different towns and
provinces. A topic on Chinese traditions and culture
would be incomplete without mentioning their food,
clothes, education, architecture and transport. The
historians claim that Chinese culture was very
civilized and they had some unique and wonderful
traditions. traditions

Hu Jintao was elected president of the
People's Republic of China on March 15,
2003.He is communist. goverment

Chiang was a leader of the Chinese Nationalist
Party, which, later, became known as the
Kuomintang Party. He was promoted by Sun
Yat-Sen, and rose to leadership of the
Nationalist Party after Sun Yat-Sen's
death in 1925. He was best known for the
defeat of his Kuomintang Party by the
Communists in 1949. He and his party were
forced to leave the mainland and set up a
government in exile Taiwan. He became the
leader of the government until he died in 1975. important people

Sun Yat-Sen was a Revolutionary leader
of the Chinese Kuomintang Party that
overthrew the Manchu Dynasty. Sun was
known as "The Father of the Revolution";
he was an superb leader who wanted to unite
China under one government. He died of cancer in 1925

Here's a slightly more common Chinese star
. Lu Chen was a women's figure skater from
the 1998 Olympics. Everyone in China loved
Lu Chen for her skill and perky personality.
She did the best performance in the finals,
which was a huge accomplishment for her
country, her family, friends, and herself.
Though she is very popular in China, her
personality brought her fans around the world. Chiang Kai-Sheck Sun Yat-Sen Lu Chen Mandarin
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