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Spanish Imperfect Tense


Hunter Howell

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Spanish Imperfect Tense

AR Verbs aba
aba ábamos
aban I used to dance
Yo bailaba You used to walk every day.
Tú caminabas cada día. He was feeling sick.
Ello estaba enfermo. We used to play
Nosotros jugabamos They used to talk
Ellos hablaban Imperfect Tense ER/IR Verbs íamos
ían ía
ía The imperfect tense is used to refer to actions in the past that occurred repeatedly. I used to run every day.
Yo corría cada día. The imperfect tense is also used to refer to actions in the past that occurred over an extended period of time. I used to eat apples frequently.
Yo comía frecuentemente manzanas. The imperfect tense is also used to "set the stage" for an event that occurred in the past. We were coming home when we saw Juan.
Veníamos para casa cuando vimos a Juan. Irregulars Ver Ir Ser Only three verbs are irregular in the imperfect A presentation by... Hunter Howell Luke Liston Rainier Montes Ella tenía hambre
She was hungry Actions which are not physical, that is feelings and mental actions, usually use the imperfect tense. Juan was feeling sick.
Juan estaba enfermo. Every Sunday we used to go to the park
Cada domingo íbamos al parque I was sleeping
Yo dormía You were living
Tú vivías They used to write
Ellos escribían Ver veía
veía veíamos
veían Ir iba
iba íbamos
iban Ser era
era éramos
eran THE END We used to draw
Nosotros dibujabamos
I used to run every day.
Yo corría cada día. They used to talk
Ellos hablaban Raising a child is probably the most gratifying job any of us will ever have—and one of the toughest. We live in an increasingly complex world that challenges us every day with a wide range of issues that can be difficult for They would play soccer
Ellos jugaba al fútbol I would ride horses
Yo montaba a caballos
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