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Better together.

A guide to public participation and partnerships being developed by the Government of South Australia.

David Speirs

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Better together.

PRINCIPLES Better together Government The public Government & Public
Public & Government We know what we
want to achieve. Principle Three. We know who we
need to involve. Principle five. We understand
before we are understood. Principle Six. We know what the
public can influence Principle Four. We begin early. Principle Two. Each is different. Principle One. We respect
people. Principle Seven. We communicate
with clarity. Principle Eight. We are creative, enthusiastic
and relevant. Principle Nine. We build capacity. Principle Ten. Community engagement
informing SA's Strategic Plan In 2010 we began a huge
community engagement process
to inform the update of
South Australia's Strategic Plan. What did we learn? 1. People centric
2. Be open to hearing
3. Risk - and online engagement isn't so scary!
5. It's hard to engage people in something so intangible as a Plan. 1. People centric How we frame the topic
Going to people
People engage people. How we frame things. Going to people People shaping their engagement 2. Be open to hearing. 3. Risks... and online engagement isn't so scary! 4. It's hard to engage something as intangible as 'a Plan'. AND THAT IS the ‘announce and defend’ style of policy making. It’s policy making by elites – only those with detailed knowledge are allowed a look in. And when every detail has been discussed – a final decision is made, and announced.

But despite the motives ... which usually are to benefit the community – and to ensure a high quality, evidence based decision – this process often simply alienates people.

If our citizens are excluded from the conversation that generates solutions…then they simply don’t trust them…no matter how good the decisions are.

But – involving the community – getting the conversation right – is not easy. It can’t be a matter of simple popularity – nor can it just be a matter of trusting the experts. We need to chart a middle course which engages the community in the decisions that affect their lives...

PREMIER Jay Weatherill. A guide to working with the public
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