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Yahoo! Case Analysis

Jonathan Baker, Dawel Louis, Timothy Thompson II, Simbarashe Zvaita

Timothy Thompson II

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Yahoo! Case Analysis

Mission Statement:
Yahoo! is the premier
digital media company Vision Statement:
Our vision is to deliver your world, your way. We do that by using technology, insights, and intuition to create deeply personal digital experiences that keep more than half a billion people connected to what matters the most to them--across devices, on every continent, in more than 30 languages. And we connect advertisers to the consumers who matter to them most--the ones who wil build their businesses--through our unique combination of Science+Art+Scale. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING FINANCE MARKETING ETHICS PROBLEMS CAUSES RECOMMENDATIONS DECLINING REVENUE LOSS IN MARKET SHARE MARKETING HYPEROPIA Product Place Price Promotion In the past several years, Yahoo has gone through a number of CEOs Carol Bartz: January 2009-September 2011 PROBLEMS PROBLEMS Scott Thompson: January 2012-May 2012 CAUSES CAUSES Marissa Mayer: July 2012-current Change in Leadership
Long R&D Cycles
Product Mix Change in Leadership
Product Mix
Lack of Focus Common Causes Competition Tim Morse (Interim) Ross Levinsohn (Interim)
Change in Leadership
Lack of Focus
Product Mix
Long R&D Cycles Common Causes Common Causes Common Causes RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS Expand into new market segments Keep Marissa Mayer Cater to narrower target market Implementing TQM
Follow Mayer's Policy
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