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Digestive System

No description

jayden barnes

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Digestive System

about the small
the large intestine is small in length but bigger in width. The food that can not be digested goes to the large intestine. Most of the liquid is removed and turns to solid waste.
Large intestine
small intestine
the food gets pushed through and turn into nutrients that are used for the body
if you stretched the adults small intestine, it would be 7 meters long
about the large intestine
The small intestine is actually larger. The large intestine is just bigger around.

the baglike organ thats digestive juices change food into a thick liqud and down into the small intestine

a tube that takes the mushed up
food down into the stomach
The mouth mushes up food and mixes with saliva right before it goes to the esophagus.
Digestive System
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