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The Importance of Chemical Bonding (Ben Tanen, Blk 7)

Ben Tanen, Blk 7, Exit Project

Ben Tanen

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of The Importance of Chemical Bonding (Ben Tanen, Blk 7)

The Importance of
Chemical Bonding By Ben Tanen (Block 7) Chemical Bonds are attractions between two or more atoms, which allow them to create chemical substances/compounds These bonds are formed by the
electromagnetic forces between the
atoms, which can be caused for a
few reasons, including the sharing
or transfer of electrons (ionic/covelant bonds) These different types of bonds are
very important to the world of chemistry because... 1 Chemical bonds are used when
creating chemical compounds. These chemical compounds are
important as most substances today
are made from chemical compounds. 2 The different types of chemical bonds determine the different physical properties of the compounds that they create. For example, chemical
compounds with ionic
bonds have high melting
points. 3 Like physical properties, chemical bonding also affects/determines the chemical properties of a chemical compound 4
that are formed
by chemical bonds help make the body function as it does Without these compounds/bonds, the body would not function properly/as effectivly as it does. For example, our stomaches would not be able to digest the food that we eat. 5 With the use of chemical bonds, we can create chemical compounds that allow us to find new substances. These substances can be used to in new technology, medicine, and products Overall, with these compounds, we can advance into the future of chemistry and science Chemical bonds are extremely important to chemists, scientists, and everyday people. They create substances/compounds that everyone uses, even if they aren't aware of it. In general, without chemical bonds, life would be completely different. In all likely hood, there would be no life, as chemical bonds are so important. Chemical Bonds are what hold the world together. The End
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