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Juliet's Social Media Usage

No description

Caitlin Podoll

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Juliet's Social Media Usage

Juliet's Social Media
If Juliet had the available social media we have today, I believe she would use it all. She would want to know what was going on with people, not only in her family, but others around Verona. She and the other Capulets function like celebrities, as do the Montagues.
Juliet would use two Facebook accounts. One would be as a "celebrity" account of sorts. Since she came from a rich family, she would have many people following her who were below her social standing. She would also have a personal account that only her close family and friends would have access to.
Use and Misuse
Juliet's character, at the beginning of the play, would use social media properly because she was obedient to her parents and thought things out. Towards climax and the end of the play, she would start getting more and more reckless with her posts. For example, when her parents tell her she has to marry Paris, she might post an angry but cryptic message about being forced to do something she doesn't want to do.
Status at the beginning of the play:

Juliet: I can't believe the masquerade party is tonight! Come join us for dancing, food, and drinks...if you're invited...and not a Montague that is! :)
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Tybalt: I hate Montagues as I hate hell.

Juliet: shared an image

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Nurse: What are you rambling about lady? You don't even want to be married. I remember you saying that from the time you could take. No marriage, no babies! Your only love? What is this all about?
Tybalt: I hate Montagues! I'm going to fight them all!
End of the play:
Juliet: Thursday is the day. Two days from today my life will be complete. If only you understood me...
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Nurse: A wedding, lady, a wedding! I cannot wait for you and Count Paris to be wed! Babies, babies, babies soon!
Lady Capulet: Juliet, you are so dramatic. You will be happy, I said so and so did your father!

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