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3D Printing in Education

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Sarah Daly

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of 3D Printing in Education

3D Printing in Education
What is it?
3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is the process of making a 3D solid object into a virtual model. The machine "prints" using nylon, plastic, metal, and over 100 other materials. It creates a three-dimensional object by building it layer after layer until the object is complete.
How it Works:
Application in Education:
STARBASE, a Minnesota non-profit organization that engages inner-city kids in science and technology, teaches students 3D printing as a part of one of their projects. Students use 3D printers to design their own model rockets. The project is called "Mission to Mars," and by the end of it, students are to launch working rockets.
At Darwin High School in Australia, 3D printers are used in design and technology curriculum to assist students in prototyping of their innovations. Students prototype ideas, explore product design, and learn how to market their goods.
Sarah Daly
Makerbot Replicator 2
Biotechnology Students at Glacier Peak High School in Washington are using a 3D printer to create molecular models. They can print the base, the model, color different active clefts of the protein, and they have used their models to place and win at local and national science competitions.
Harvard University's Semetic Museum is using 3D printer to replicate destroyed parts of ancient artifacts. Pictured here is a ceramic lion from the city of Nuzi. The museum borrowed an intact lion from The University of Pennsylvania to scan and "print" the missing part of the lion's face.
"Students can actually test their rocket designs modeled in the Dimension 3D Printer the way an engineer would, which gets them excited about the process – even the icky math part,"
-Instructor Christina Johnson
So Much More!
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Four Applications in Education
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