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Lactic Acid Fermentation

No description

Michelle Esposito

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Lactic Acid Fermentation

By Rebecca Link, Sophia Fredo, and Mickey Esposito lactic acid fermentation Lactic Acid Fermentation Important Information/Other Takes place in Eukaryotic cells

Found specifically in human muscle cells
mainly after exercise

Occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell

Occurs in any Eukaryotes that lack oxygen Where does Lactic Acid Fermentation take place? Lactic acid fermentation occurs when a Eukaryotic cell lacks oxygen.

Builds up in muscles - usually during strenuous physical activity First, glycolosis produces NADH and ATP

Then, Lactic Acid Fermentation produces NAD+

Next, glycolosis charges NADH and ATP by using NAD+ which was produced in fermentation The Process of Lactic Acid Fermentation Lactic acid fermentation oxidizes NADH to NAD+ to produce lactate

Lactic acid fermentation could be used in making yogurt

It takes place by using the sugars glucose, sucrose, and fructose

CH3CH(OH)CO2H H+ + CH3CH(OH)CO2-Ka= 1.38 x 10-4
equation of equilibrium When does it happen? It happens after glycolosis in the Cellular Respiration process. lactic acid was Discovered in 1780 Bibliography







http://biology.clc.uc.edu/courses/bio104/cellresp.htm What is Lactic Acid fermentation? Lactic acid fermentation is the process through which sugars in food like milk or vegetables are converted into lactic acid, producing energy. By Carl Wilhelm Sum It Up! L.A.F is part of cellular respiration
in muscle
process of making yogurt
produces lactate
caused by lack of oxygen in cell
sucrose, fructose, glucose
17th century
pyruvate to lactate
after exercise
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