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Achieving the Dream

No description

Laura McPherson

on 9 May 2018

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Transcript of Achieving the Dream

How will we accomplish this?
Expand and refine an evidence-based practice to help students
succeed in accomplishing their
Access,collect,analyze, and use data to make informed decisions concerning student success.
Increase retention for all students by enhancing engagement and communications.
Increase fall-to-spring retention to
80 percent.
Increase the fall-to-fall retention rate to
65 percent.
To decrease the number of students earning zero(0) credits in their first semester.
Reduce the percentage of students who earn zero credits in their first semester to 10 percent.
Develop a campus wide culture of evidence-based practices by providing and utilizing data for informed
decision making.
Availability of resources which include but are not limited to funding and staffing.
While a focus on student success is not a culture change for the NMCC faculty and staff, there are some changes that might cause some uncomfortable feelings, even for a short while.
The fear associated with using data and the perception of possible punitive ramifications, especially if the data is not well defined and the analysis is not explained.
The importance of defining the audience when presenting relevant data.
Finding people to volunteer to assist with several aspects of this plan.
Early Intervention
Provide access to real-time grades and attendance by instructors and advisors;
Enhance the use of the four-week warning strategy(existing);
Follow up by counseling staff( existing);
Team-based interventions(new);
Development of an Advisor's Handbook (new).
Professional Development
Professional development for all Academic Advisors: their role, best practices, and strategies for student engagement (new);
Develop and implement adviser training for advising mentors and the role of team-based advising(new);
Promote enhanced student engagement by developing systematic ways of communicating campus activities to students(new).
Achieving the Dream

Enhance and expand the role of COL 103- College Success (existing) from Liberal Studies students to include the Trade and Tech students during their first semester and look at requiring the course for students who start college in January (new);
Summer screening for high-risk students (existing);
Review policies and practices related to academic advising which may cause barriers for students and encourage students to finish at least one class(existing).
Reallocate resources to increase our capacity toward data usage;
Develop data usage competencies across campus through professional development;
Ensure transparency in the use of data by developing a common data language glossary and tools for the use of data in decision making;
Promote the use of data, new and existing, to inform campus policies and practices.

Developing appropriate and useful strategies to assist the faculty in understanding the importance of entering real-time attendance and grades. These strategies will assist in ensuring comfort and security in using the system.
Developing strategies to be sure that all academic advisors have a better understanding of financial aid and the implications related to students’ success.
Students who start spring semester do not always get the same first semester experience and support as students who begin in the fall semester.
Other unforeseeable institutional priorities.
More Challenges
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