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SPEAK IT advertising campaign

No description

malikqua salter

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of SPEAK IT advertising campaign

SPEAK IT Advertising Campaign The message of the SPEAK IT magazine ad was that texting is starting to get a little old and boring. The particular ad was gear towards the younger generation (between 16 and 25) who like to stay up to date on technology, and as we know after so many old people learn to use it then most likely it’s not that new and hip.

The main tactic used in this ad is put down: not only for texting but also to senior citizens. The reason for that being is because senior citizens seem to get a bad rep with technology, they always seem to have the oldest or the simplest version of everything or have a hard time using more current technology. So an ad showing senior citizens starting to catch on to texting then younger people would start to view it as obsolete and be encouraged to move on to the next best thing, voice to text.

Another tactic used in this ad is emotional appeal. If you noticed the younger girl (between the ages of 18 and 23) in the middle, then you probably noticed how frustrated she was. The reason for that was that most young people are turned off to any technology that is a norm for significantly older people, so for her to see a technology that she probably uses multiple times a day would be upsetting because she now knows that it’s time for to move on. By using this tactic it not only clarity’s the demographics of this ad but also help’s direct the consumer’s emotion to the fact that older people are starting to text. Not to mention the comedy of the whole situation. Magazine Ad Demographics: between the ages of 18 and 23 The newspaper ad was designed for the middle aged and older people. This is why I chose to put it into a newspaper, knowing the fact that it is a common form of literature that they read. This ad basically explains what speech to text is and tells why it is so much easier than texting.

The big tactic used for this ad was emotional appeal, this is easy to identify due to the fact that the big slogan inside the bubble says “talk to text equals less stress”. Even though texting is becoming more relevant to older generations, it is still however a stressful to use for some due to its complexity, By exploiting this emotion consumers will be more inclined to consider switching to speech to text to make life easier.

Another important tactic used is put down. Without putting down texting, there would have been no grounds for making speech to text look easier and less stressful. The ad also explains how it less time consuming which is a problem for older people. In all without exploiting the fact that texting can be difficult to the target consumer, it would be hard to how it’s “less” stressful. Newspaper Ad Demographics: Older People (55 and up) The message of this ad is to encourage everyone to drive safely when using cell phones. We created this ad because we want to encourage people to buy voice notes phones so that we can decrease the chances of car accidents. This ad is designed for men, women, boys and girls who drive and text and even talk on the phone while texting. This is an effective ad for a billboard, so that they realize what they are doing, putting their self in danger.

A key tactic for this advertisement is emotional appeal. It seems like in the news today innocent people are being killed in drive and text accidents. Thinking about innocent lives in danger and being taking away is a big problem. We want to make a change. Just think of your family and friend, you wouldn’t want to be the one responsible.

Another key tactic for this advertisement would be a put down. It is very simple this ad is putting down texting. One reason it shows that texting can and will cause accidents to yourself and other people. When you text while you drive it, causes distractions with yourself and the road. Be extra careful buy talk to text phones. Billboard Ad Demographics: Anyone who drives
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