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Welcome to New Student Orientation-Fall 2016

No description

Meghan Vaughn

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to New Student Orientation-Fall 2016

Welcome to New Student Orientation-Fall 2016!

First things first...
Stay Connected!
Official Maricopa Email Inbox
To-Do List Items
Message Center

Be on the lookout:
Mandatory Title IX training. You will complete the course in CANVAS.
Printing on Campus
$5.00 towards your Pay to Print account

To add additional money to your account:
Visit Fiscal Services/Cashiers located in the Coyote Center (CYT)

Fiscal Services Contact Info:
Pecos Campus: 480.732.7312
Williams Campus: 480.988.8123

Thank you for attending New Student Orientation!
Tell us what you think...
CGCC Alert System
Make sure to update your personal contact information on my.maricopa.edu to receive alerts through:
Welcome from our
CGCC Student Ambassadors!
Name? Major?

Career Goals? Hobby?

Work with your academic adviser to understand your transfer opportunities

Located at CGCC Williams
Operated by ASU Polytechnic
Campus Tour!
Keep in mind that there are limits on how much financial aid you can receive.
(Example) If you attend full time during the Fall and Spring semesters, you can only receive the Pell Grant for 6 years.

Students loans have limits as well. Check your status frequently at www.studentloans.gov

Use your time wisely so that you don’t exceed your limits prior to transferring to a university.

Grade Point Measurement
Cumulative GPA based on total credits attempted ranges from 1.60 to 2.00.
</= 15.75 1.60
16-30.75 1.75
31-45.75 1.90
46+ 2.00

Progress Measurement
Students must successfully complete 2/3 (66.67%) of all attempted course work

Maximum Time Frame Measurement
Students who have attempted more than 150% of the published credits required for their program of study

Tips to Remember:

Each scholarship has their own eligibility criteria.

Be sure you know what you need to do to qualify.

Applying for scholarships is a continuous process! Always be looking!

Please complete our evaluation
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Q&A with your CGC Student Ambassadors!
2NAU Joint Admissions Program
On-site Transition Coordinator :

Transfer Assistance to Flagstaff or to local programs
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts or Science in Justice Studies
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Interdisciplinary Public Administration 90/30
Meet with your academic adviser frequently to make sure you are on track to graduate
Counseling Services
Text Messaging
Student Support Services
Disability Resource Services
Academic Concerns
Career Concerns
Personal Concerns
Crisis Intervention
CLASI Workshops
CPD Courses
Christina Mason
Text the word
"CHANDLERGILB832" to 37607
Financial Aid

Familiarize yourself with important financial aid deadlines by visiting CGCC’s Financial Aid website: www.cgc.edu/aid

To stay connected: Visit your Maricopa Student Center frequently at my.maricopa.edu to check on the status of your aid.
Be sure to check for:
Items in your “To-Do List”
Emails in your Maricopa Email Inbox
Messages in your Message Center
Your awarded Financial Aid
Any changes made to your award

Be aware of deadlines!
$184,000 (just Student Ambassadors)
$2,117,158 (2016 Chandler Gilbert Students)
Find CGCC scholarship information and applications at:

Contact Counseling!
Pecos Campus
Williams Campus
Monday - Thursday
Monday - Thursday
Bluford 141
Bradshaw 101
Keep an eye out for workshops hosted in the Fall Semester!

Info Available at:
About your
Financial Aid

Have a great
rest of your day!
Fitness Center
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