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Emulating nature: of Planets, Galaxies, fractals and Perlin noise

No description

Nicolaas Groeneboom

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Emulating nature: of Planets, Galaxies, fractals and Perlin noise

Planets, galaxies, fractals and Perlin noise
Emulating nature
The need for noise
Simulating galaxies
Planet renderer
Perlin noise at its best
real life...
Pure old whitenoise
Perlin noise
... is a band limited repeatable `random' function over R^n

- Approximation to gaussian filtered noise

- Implemented as a pseudo-random spline

- The trick is to make it fast
Perlin noise 2
Future space-based experiments will require high-resolution mock data
However, current methods are based on existing
high-resolution HST data
Shapelet images have minimal variation, and are limited to the resolution of the original iamge
When simulated strong lenses, crucial details are lost
Deep-field images are important for strong
lensing simulations
Fooling around..
Current work...
Procedural computer games
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