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Angelica life science project

this is how genetics work

room 601

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Angelica life science project

What Does Genetics Mean?
What are Genes Made of?
genetic code
The genetic code is something by the set of chemical symbols. A gene corresponds to translated proteins. The molecules carry amino acids. The code is used by many molecules to copy the genes the parent gave to the child.
Genetics is the study of genes. Some kids usually look a little like their parents because they have their parents' genes.
genes are made of several different molecules: oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus.

the molecules combine to make DNA. DNA stands for Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid. DNA is what transfers the parents genes to the offspring. so you might have blue eyes like your mom. or red hair like your dad. its all genes.
The Structure of
Genes Are Copied
Genes are copied each time a cell duplicates its self. This is called DNA Replication.
I found out that genetics are the molecules that are in DNA give the child something that their parents had. the parent passes on a family trait that has been going on for centuries.
How Do Genetics Work?
Do We Have All Our Parents Genes?
No. you may have your dad's dark hair or your moms
red hair. just not both. you don't see people with a blue eye and green eye. you have either your moms looks or your dads. your genes can have a little of both. say your dad is blond and your mom has dark hair, you might have dirty blond hair.
the hydrogen bonds connect the thymine to the adenine and the guanine to the cytosine
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