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A Guide to Paragraphs!

K Robinson

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of TIPTOP

TiP-ToP A guide to paragraphs! TIME If you change the time in your writing then you need a new paragraph... TOPIC If you start to write about a different subject or change your focus then you need a new paragraph. PERSON If you change the focus on to a new character or someone new begins to speak then you need a new paragraph PLACE If you change the place that you are writing about or move to another location then you need a new paragraph Later, John realised that he had left his work back in the car... Morning sunshine streamed through the windows... That afternoon... The church was warm and welcoming. It offered a safe haven from the horrors of the day... Bright blooms provided a colourful welcome - it was such a relief to reach the garden at last... The kitchen was deserted and yet the table was still set for dinner. Plates with still steaming food indicated that someone had been there... A man was staring at her. His mouth was cruel and his eyes were full of unspoken threats... Lizabet Pierce was the most beautiful woman in the room. Her delicate green eyes and effortlessly styled hair soon captured everyone's attention... The Weather... The rain was lashing down; droplets like fat bumble bees struck and bounced from the ground... Warmth from the lazy sun was gently circulated by a sweet summer breeze... In a story, or piece of fiction, a new topic could be... In an essay about a text (a book, newspaper article, etc...) it could be... Theme or... Character or... Simile and Metaphor To be honest... the list is endless! Remember... "...paragraphs are coherent, clear and well developed." If you want to reach a level 5 in English then you must make sure that your... (Taken from the Department of Education Level Indicators!) If you want to achieve at least a Grade C in your English assessments and exams then you must make sure that your... (Taken from the WJEC Examination board - Summary of assessment) "...paragraphs are logically ordered and sequenced" and... "...paragraphs of varied length are linked by text connectives and progression is clear." CAn you see how each time a new person speaks they get a paragraph all of their own? It was after Midnight when they finally returned.... “I hear, I know.
I see, I remember.
I do, I understand”

(Confucius, 551BC-479) For your attention... Thank you
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